Boards & Committees

Boards and Committees

Civic engagement is an important part of building a stronger community and there are many ways for you to contribute. We encourage the public to be informed about the City Council process and learn more about the Council’s Economic Development and Global Competitiveness Committee  which is the starting point for many discussions on economic issues. Community leaders may also seek to attend or become a part of the two citizen advisory boards that work with Economic Development staff. The Business Advisory Committee and the Charlotte International Cabinet are comprised of citizens and residents who help address issues facing the business community through the generation of ideas and the convening of experts to share best practices. ​​​

The Council’s Workforce & Business Development Committee aims to make Charlotte the most prosperous and livable city for all citizens through quality economic development. This committee made up of Council members provides a customer-oriented local government approach that supports the development of an educated and trained workforce; promotes partnerships to aid local economic growth; retains and attracts quality businesses and contributes to the economy.  

Staff Resource: Tracy Dodson, Assistant City Manager, City Manager's Office

Committee Support:  Angela Grier, 704-432-1397 ​​

The Business Advisory Committee is a 20- member board which helps staff help staff develop a business retentions plan for Charlotte. 

Staff Resource: Holly Eskridge, Assistant Director - Business Innovation  

Committee Support:  Anika Ellis, 704-336-1277 

​The 21- member Charlotte International Cabinet promotes Charlotte as an international city and serves as a resource to foster international relationships. 

Committee Support: Emily Yaffe, 704-336-2174​​