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Professional Services
The City of Charlotte has a Traffic Count Program which collects many different types of data along streets (not interstates) within the City of Charlotte limits. The City gathers intersection count data (vehicles, vehicle classification, pedestrian, and bicyclist) using City-owned cameras and video processing by a third party. Mid-block count data (speed, volume and vehicle classification data) is mainly collected with pneumatic road tubes, and sometimes with video cameras.  The City collects other types of traffic data on an as-needed basis, such as: pedestrian corridor studies, vehicle occupancy studies, gap studies, etc. Generally, the City collects around 300 intersection turning movement counts and 800 mid-block counts a year. 

Additionally, the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) maintains the MPO Traffic Data Program which functions mainly outside of the City of Charlotte limits. This program provides member jurisdictions with needed traffic data used for the support of transportation planning and research efforts throughout the MPO planning area, which includes all of Iredell and Mecklenburg Counties and a significant portion of Union County. 

The City and CRTPO jointly seek to select one or multiple companies to collect and/or process a variety of traffic data and upload it to the City’s traffic and crash software database. 
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