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Professional Services
The City Procurement Division of General Services provides Asset Recovery and Disposal services to the City as well as several other related organizations such as Mecklenburg County, Emergency Management Services, and The Charlotte Housing Authority (now operating as INLIVIAN). Property is stored and auctions are held at an eight-acre site owned by the City (Airport). This site includes approximately 8,000 square feet of warehouse space.

The City currently holds three (3) live Rolling Stock/Equipment auctions per year (subject to change based on business needs). These auctions are currently held in January, May, and September. These auctions can be (a) live on-site with a preview day or it can be (b) live virtual only with or without a preview day (based on requirements for social distancing, etc.). We may also have Electronic auctions throughout the year. The number of auctions and scheduling thereof will be left to the discretion of City Project Manager and the City Chief Procurement Officer based on business needs.

The Service Provider is expected to cooperate with the City and all Affiliates in scheduling, planning, administration, and successful completion of activities associated with the Services. The Service Provider is responsible for committing all necessary resources for providing Auctioneer and Related Services as described in this RFP. The City reserves the right to contract with and utilize any acceptable auction Service Provider for any Asset Recovery and Disposal activity.

The Service Provider is expected to work cooperatively with the City’s Project Manager to increase the City’s Asset Recovery and Disposal property net sales revenues, increase the City’s return on investment, and to improve customer service levels.
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General Services (previously Engineering)96169, 96209