Doing Business with the City

​​Current Vendors

Invoicing Requirements

  • All invoices must include the City's PO#, Department Name and your City Vendor Number

  • Invoices must include an invoice date and a unique invoice number

  • A separate invoice must be submitted for each PO issued by the City

  • Sending an invoice before goods are shipped or received may cause a delay in payment

  • Each line item description on the invoice must match the line item description on the PO issued by the City. If possible, invoices should be in the same order, or should reference the PO Line #

Where do I send invoices?

  • PDF is the preferred file format. 

  • Each invoice should be sent in an individual PDF.

  • Invoices sent in the text of an email or with a link to click and download cannot be accepted. 



​Vendor Administration:

Fax: 704.632.8473

AP Custom​er Service Help Desk:

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