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Spectrum Center Renovations

If you are a vendor interested in becoming a supplier or service provider for the Spectrum Center Renovations project, the City of Charlotte is currently collecting information to provide to firms that may need your services. Providing your information does not guarantee your firm will be selected. Learn more. >>

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Architecture & Engineering & Surveying
Services that require performance by a registered architect or engineer, or surveyor. Professional services of an architectural or engineering or surveying nature that are associated with research, planning, development, and design for construction, alteration, or repair.

Commodities & Goods

The process of utilizing labor to build, alter, repair, improve, or demolish any structure, building or public improvement; generally does not apply to routine maintenance, repair, or operation (MRO) of existing real property.

Agency contracts with a person, group, or company to run a portion of a government-owned facility such as the selling of food at a snack bar in an agency-owned facility.

General Services

Professional Services
Services rendered by members of a recognized profession or possessing a special skill. Such services are generally acquired to obtain information, advice, training, or direct assistance.

Technology Goods & Services
Inclusive of electronic data processing Goods and Services, telecommunications Goods and Services, security Goods and Services, microprocessors, software, information processing, office systems, and any related Services.

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