​Please be patient while the request form loads below. If it takes too long, please access the form here called "City of Charlotte Preconstruction Notification and Preconstruction Meeting Request".

City of Charlotte Preconstruction Notification and Preconstruction Meeting Request

For projects involving less than one acre of land disturbance but have gone through City of Charlotte Land Development plan review are simply required to notify City inspection staff prior to commencing work on-site. Fill out the section number 1 below and submit the form.

For projects involving more than one acre of land disturbance, the developer and/or contractor should submit this form to request a preconstruction meeting. Fill out section 1&2 below and submit the form.

For any project one or more acres approved on or after April 1, 2019, the applicant is required to complete and submit an electronic Notice of Intent (NOI) form requesting a Certificate of Coverage (COC) under NCG01000 Construction Stormwater General Permit.  This form MUST be submitted prior to the commencement of any land disturbing activity on the above-named project.

The NOI form may be accessed at The NPDES Construction Stormwater Program regulates.

Please direct questions about the NOI form to:

Annette Lucas

Paul Clark

​Once received, this will be forwarded to the Construction Inspector who will contact you to schedule the meeting.

Need to determine who your inspector is?

Visit the Charlotte Explorermapand type in your project address. On the layer list, check the box for the Planning layers, and click the word "Planning" to expand that layer group.  Then check the box to activate the Land Development - Construction Inspectors layer.  Zoom to your parcel location, and click on the parcel to identify the inspector for your project.