​Enhanced Review

As of January 1, 2019, City of Charlotte Development Services is now offering an Enhanced Review option.  The program provides a shortened timeframe for the second review cycle, meetings between Staff and Design Team for coordination of comments and revisions, and overall predictability.  Also required is a Designer self-certification gateway process to ensure quality plan submittals. The Enhanced Review option is available for the following types of projects: 

  • Urban Projects (with zoning classification UMUD​, MUDD, PED, TOD,TS AND RE-3)

  • Commercial Subdivisions

  • Residential Subdivisions

A review fee of $30,000 will be charged in addition to the regular user fees per project type.  Program details and process overview, as well as the self-certification gateway checklist can be found below:  

Enhanced Review - Process Overview

Self-Certified Gateway Checklist​ (required with submittal)