​Commercial Review Types

Below is a list of the various types of commercial reviews that the City of Charlotte offers. Please use this list to determine which selection to make when applying for a plan review:



Commercial (Regular 15-business day Review):  Typical 15-business-day review cycle.  Plans for commercial site development located within the City of Charlotte and the City's Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction are to be submitted for review and approval to Land Development after land entitlement (approved rezoning, site plan amendments, etc.).  Land Development staff reviews and inspects commercial development projects in order to ensure compliance with pertinent City ordinances and standards for public street infrastructure. 

  • Demolition:  A city review is required if more than one acre will be graded after the demolition.  A demolition permit is required by Mecklenburg County.  

  • Addition of Drive-Thru, Only:  If any changes or modification are made to a drive- thru, a CDOT stacking of automobiles review is required

  • Drainage Study:  A review based on information provided about drainage basin hydrology, drainage system capacity, and potential impacts of storm water to identify needed improvements in a proposed project’s storm water system.  

  • Driveway, only:  A review of a new driveway that needs access to a City of Charlotte- or NCDOT-maintained road.

  • Grading, only:  If no building or construction is proposed or a previously issued grading permit has been closed, and the land disturbance and grading for a project is more than one acre of land, a commercial review is required and a grading permit will be issued. 

Commercial – Expedited

  • Commercial (Expedited 5-business day Review):  Expedited 5-business-day review cycle.  Eligible review types and project scope are commercial grading, landscape, tree preservation, and tree ordinance. After plans are accepted through the gateway, the review cycle is five (5) business days.   Exclusions include:   Projects subject to the Subdivision Ordinance; Projects under Urban Design zoning and overlays (Including UMUD, MUDD, TOD, PED, and TS); Excessively large or complex projects – determined on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of City staff; and Major CDOT reviews.  Please contact Senior Engineering staff prior to submittal to determine if your project is eligible for submittal as an Expedited Review.

Commercial Urban Mixed Use Development District (MUDD): A review for a project zoned MUDD.

Commercial Urban Pedestrian (PED):A review for a project in the PED overlay.

Commercial Urban Transit Oriented Development (TOD):A review for a project zoned TOD.

Commercial Urban Transit Station (TS):A review for a project zoned TS.

Commercial Urban Uptown Mixed Use Development (UMUD):A review for a project zoned UMUD

Construction Plan to Support a Minor Plat: A plan showing construction detail for infrastructure required as part of a minor plat submittal to Planning.  This is a separate submittal to Land Development. Once approved, the minor plat will be reviewed and approved by Engineering and CDOT.  Typical items on this plan include curb and gutter and sidewalk designs and cross-sections, flood studies, and an erosion control plan.   

Revision to Approved Commercial Plans (15 business days review):When approved commercial plans have been changed, plans must be resubmitted for review.  A 15 day business cycle is activated.

Revision to Approved Commercial Plans Expedited (5 business days review):When approved commercial plans have been changed, plans must be resubmitted for review.  A 5 day business cycle can be activated when an expedited review fee is paid and approval for this submittal has been granted by the Senior Engineer.

Revision to Approved Urban Plans (MUDD, PED, TS, TOD, UMUD):  When approved Urban zoned plans (including UMUD, MUDD, TOD, PED, and TS) have been changed, plans must be resubmitted for review.  A 15 day business cycle is activated.

School Permit for CMS Mobile Classrooms:  A review of a temporary mobile classroom used for an educational institution.  

Subdivision Residential Lot Grading/ Additional Grading:  Plans showing grading outside previously permitted area.  This includes any sites tied to a permitted area for borrow or waste.