​Gateway Review

Within 24 hours of submittal and receipt of fees, all plans are subject to an initial Gateway Review by a Land Development Engineering plan reviewer to ensure the submittal is complete and has all the required information and items for detailed review. The Commercial Gateway Checklist includes the minimum submittal requirements and is used as a guide by Engineering during the gateway review.

Should the submittal be determined to be incomplete, the design professional will be informed of the missing information via e-mail; all gateway comments will be logged in the Accela permitting system and accessible via Accela Citizen Access.

Once the plans and information needed are submitted back to LD and they are verified complete, the project will pass the gateway review stage and be logged in for the detailed review by all required reviewers.

Plan reviewers involved in a standard commercial project include Engineering, Erosion Control, Urban Forestry, Site Construction Inspectors, and Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT). Urban Design Projects (projects with an Urban zoning classification) will potentially also involve other reviews including Addressing, Solid Waste, Planning, CDOT Signalization, Police, CATS, and City Arborist.

 Detailed Plan Review