Office of Data and Analytics

​Meet the OpEx Academy trainers


Senior Budget Analyst, Aviation

Things you probably know: I've been with the city nearly four years and have lived in five departments. I excel at Excel and bring fun to problem-solving with data, which now includes the budget and airline rates and charges for the airport (as well as other fun things like P-cards and the agenda).

Things you probably don't know: I'm a Charlotte native and work weekends as a whitewater raft guide at the U.S. National Whitewater Center.

Data Operations Manager, Charlotte Water

Things you probably know: I have been with Charlotte Water for 6 years both as a civil engineer and within IT. My goal is to merge my engineering experience with the utility business with my knowledge of analytical systems to develop a decision support system for Charlotte Water. My core data skills are understanding business needs, creating solutions, and combining various data sets to support rigorous analysis.

Things you probably don't know: I am a Charlotte native and enjoy woodworking and gardening. I spend lots of time with my 4- and 6-year-old daughters. As a result, I have found myself spending much more time at Disney World, including entering for my first marathon.

Data Program Manager, Office of Data & Analytics

Things you probably know: I’m the City’s Data Program Manager specializing in the innovative use of data, and the facilitation of information sharing. In my current role I work with all city departments on data related projects. My first love was GIS, but now I also enjoy Tableau, database-related work, project management, and anything else that makes the manipulation of data easier. I am an original member of the OpEx Academy team, and the best part is I get to teach, learn, and network with my fellow City professionals.

Things you probably don't know: I'm originally from Louisiana. I love riding transit, or catching a ride home from people who drive, cooking and going to the park with my daughter. I have a heart of gold. 

Database Administrator, Innovation & Technology

Things you probably know: I've worked at the City as a database administrator for 17 years. I support I& T's data integration platform. I love helping people figure out how make a database do what they need.

Things you probably don't know: I love living in the woods with my wife and seven dogs. Most any time I'm not driving or falling asleep  (hopefully not at the same time), you'll find me reading or listening to books, usually in the science fiction, fantasy, science, technical or biographical categories. I also love programming and interesting technologies.

HR Analyst for Strategy & People Analytics, Human Resources

Things you probably know: My work focuses on analyzing data related to the workforce and then telling the story, be it with words, numbers, charts, gifs or graphics.

Things you probably don't know: Summers you can find me hiking or paddle boarding; winters I barely leave the house. I'm a devotee of Pilates and have been practicing over 10 years. Charlotte is my home town.

Travel Demand Modeler, Charlotte Department of Transportation

Things you probably know: I am a civil engineer who holds a Ph.D. degree in traffic and transportation engineering and it has been my pleasure to work for the City for the last 7 years as a transportation planner/travel demand modeler. I have worked with the development and application of the Metrolina Regional travel demand forecasting Model for CDOT, NCDOT, MPOs, and other agencies to understand, analyze, and solve their challenges associated with community and infrastructure development. I also worked with CATS to enhance the transit component of the regional travel demand model. 

Things you probably don't know: I am originally from IRAN-Tehran. My passions are painting, dancing, and adventurous activities. A few years ago, I performed a choreography in a team setting for the 2nd annual Charlotte batchata & salsa festival. ​I am interested in modern art plus I paint, exercise regularly exercise and try to stay fit.

Principal Planner on the Data Analytics & Research Team, Planning, Design & Development

Things you probably know: I've been working for the Planning Department for three years. During the first year I was finishing up my Masters in Geospatial Information Science & Technology from NC was a lot. It prepared me to wear the many hats GIS/data experts need. I've helped support our regulatory processes through updating workflows and visualizations. I've been part of various projects supporting our long range and strategic planning groups. Some of my super data skills are seeing inefficiencies, forward thinking, and always trying to understand if and how data sets and tools interact with each other.

Things you probably don't know: My education started in environmental science, so I am still passionate about the world outside my cube walls and the affect humans have on it. My passions include a vegan lifestyle (especially cooking!), sustainable living, health and wellness, animal advocacy and compassion. I enjoy photography and painting and hanging with the family (CLT natives!) or at home with my twin sister spending time with our bunnies Charlie and Willow​. #adoptdontshop!

Data & Analytics Director, Office of Data & Analytics

Things you probably know: I lead the City’s efforts to get our data organized, shared and put to good use – to improve services, inform decisions and solve problems. I’m passionately curious and I love helping people use data to work together in new ways. My super data skills include asking good questions, discovering new solutions to old problems, conducting data analysis and program evaluations, and helping others be their most awesome selves.  

Things you probably don't know: I’ve worked at the City for five years, following a winding road that took me from art school to commercial construction to children’s advocacy to city data geek. I have two kids, I play the banjo, I’m an avid soccer fan, and I’m actually a really funny person. I love to cook, read and listen to ‘90s alternative hip-hop. Can I Kick It? (Yes I Can.)

Senior Principal Planning, Planning, Design & Development

​Things you probably know: I've​​ worked in the Planning Department since 2006 making maps and crunching numbers. I am currently working on a team that is tasked with developing a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). In addition, I also help prepare the City for the upcoming 2020 Census. Some of my super data skills include spatial analysis and data visualization.

Things you probably don’t know: Whenever I have the opportunity, I like to listen to music and hang out with my rescue dog, Darla. Some of my favorite activities include snorkeling and skiing (not easy to do in Charlotte). One day I would like to live on a hobby farm with a couple of pet goats!

Developer/Data Analyst/Technology Guy, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

Things you probably know: I've been with the City since 2006 doing a variety of technology-based jobs. I started off working for Code Enforcement supporting several of their case management solutions. I currently with Storm Water Services working with our various operations and administrative groups to develop new tools and maintain existing tools that support our work.​

Things you probably don't know: I enjoy building and making things and have a small but eclectic mix of baking and power tools. At some point, I would like to remodel a kitchen from scratch (cabinet construction to crown molding). I enjoy coming up with excessively complicated ways to solve problems through furniture and then realizing that the Billy Bookcase from IKEA is probably the saner solution.

Senior Business Systems Specialist, Charlotte Water

Things you probably know: I have been working for Charlotte water since April, so I am still pretty green, but don't let that fool you. I have nearly five years of IT experience and I have loved every second of it. I've worked with a wide range of data collection, from SAS to SQL. I am currently the main point of contacting for reports on the WAM Team.

Things you probably don't know: I grew up in a small town in upstate South Carolina called Starr, moved to the big city of Columbia after college, and now live in Rock Hill with my husband, two dogs, two cats, 10 chickens, and three ducks. My miniature farm keeps my evenings pretty well occupied, but when I'm not tending to my animals, I enjoy going to country music concerts, crafting and watching The Office on repeat.

GIS Manager, Charlotte Water

Things you probably know: I have been with Charlotte Water for little over a year as a GIS Manager. I have extensive background in GIS, planning and transportation in local government.

Things you probably don't know: I am a native of Charlotte. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my dogs and like to play video games. 

IT Manager, Charlotte-Mecklenburg 311

Things you probably know: I am a Six Sigma Black Belt who has been designing and mapping business processes for more than 20 years. I've been with the City for more than eight years, and before that, I was a Business Process Design Engineer at Mecklenburg County for three years. I am insanely passionate about process mapping and preach the gospel of good process design at every opportunity.

Things you probably don't know: I have been the City's Liaison with UNCC's College of Computing and Informatics Business Partner program for four years. This program was designed to expose students to potential employers long before they graduate. The program creates a pipeline of potential employees who are developing skills that are in high demand.​

Business Intelligence Architect, Innovation & Technology

Things you probably know: I’m originally from the Philly area (South Jersey side) and have worked for the City for more than 18 years. I love maps (GIS), anything data related, and analytics. I like to provide the best information possible so we can create and maintain our beautiful City. Currently, I'm working to create a foundation for the City's BI and Data infrastructure to expand both our data and analytics capabilities as well as accessibility and knowledge of what data the City has available. I love sharing my knowledge with anyone who is interested.

Things you probably don't know: I love to dance! Especially the Tango. Also, I'm quite the nerd so I'm always about learning new things whether it's related to technology and data or something completely unrelated to anything resembling work. I am also a strong proponent of transparency, sharing information and making sure we, as City employees, can provide our best services possible to our community through the use of improved data and analytics.

Information Technology Administrator, Innovation & Technology

Things you probably know: While I do mostly system administration now, I have an extensive background in geography, statistics, data analytics, transportation and emergency management. I love to answer questions and help with policy development.

Things you probably don't know: I downsized to a 40-foot fifth-wheel camper and have thoroughly enjoyed "tiny home" living for the last two years.

Decision Analytics & Research Team Lead
Planning, Design & Development

Things you probably know: I have more than 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and maintaining Geographic Information Systems in public agencies. I’ve been on the Planning Department staff since 1997, and prior to that, I held positions at the UNCC Urban Institute and the Mecklenburg County Tax Office. I have extensive experience in cartography, database development, demographics, statistical analysis and spatial modeling.  

Things you probably don't know: I love to read, play golf, bake and work in my garden. I am intensely curious about most things in life.​