Community Letter

Community Engagement

Following the success of the city's Take10 CLT initiative, which put a face to government by challenging city employees to have one on one conversations with residents, the city initiated Take10 Round2 in April 2017. This time around, the city raised the stakes with a more aggressive goal, a larger base of participants and targeted questions to better understand what issues matter most to our residents.

The engagement initiative sought responses to the contents of City Councils' community letter and in particular three key areas: safety, trust and accountability; access to safe, quality, and affordable housing; and good paying jobs as well as other ideas of how to make Charlotte a better place to live, work and do business for all people. This second phase expanded on the first phase by incorporating CharMeck 311 Ambassadors and participants from our Civic Leadership Academy participants and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Youth Council in addition to city employees from across the organization.

This is the largest single engagement effort the city has undertaken, resulting in 7,940 conversations over five months. Every district was represented, reaching one in 100 Charlotte residents.


​What we heard

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