City Manager

City Services Survey Methodology

More than 400 residents of Charlotte, ages 18 or older participated in interviews from May 4 th through May 23.  The group of residents surveyed was diverse. The City made a deliberate effort to ensure that those interviewed reflected the demographic profile of the Charlotte Community. 

Respondents were asked to use a rating scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being they extremely disagreed or they rated the service poor, while 10 indicated they extremely agreed or they rated the service extremely good. 

The survey which averaged 22 minutes to administer was organized to probe perceptions and opinions about general City services, Focus Area issues, Customer Service initiatives (such as 311, online bill paying, drive-through pay stations), sources of information and the most important issues the City should address.

The City of Charlotte will use this research to:  

  • Improve perceptions and educate citizens on services and resources.

  • Provide elected officials with information about citizens' top concerns.

  • Encourage citizen involvement in local government.