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City Manager Issues and Public Safety Recommendations to City Council

A key challenge in effectively managing and eliminating crime is in the current capacity limitations of the criminal justice system.  From repeat offenders, unsupervised juveniles, drug abuse and insufficient treatment for the mentally ill to housing code violations, overcrowded jails and an overburdened court system, the problems that underlie issues of crime and disorder require the full range of local, state and federal resources to address them effectively. 

While the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's (CMPD) role includes preventing crime and enforcing the laws, it continually presents the rest of the system with a workload that exceeds their capacities.  To address these Charlotte City Manager Curt Walton recommended to the City Council a number of Public Safety Recommendations that would have the most immediate, positive impacts.

CMPD in Brief -- CMPD provides police services for the City of Charlotte and unincorporated areas of Mecklenburg County for a population of approximately 753,000 people.

  • CMPD's jurisdiction: 450 square miles and 3,800 street miles

  • 13 patrol divisions

  • 1,638 sworn officers, 468 non-sworn personnel

  • Volunteers donated more than 49,870 hours of service in 2007 for a value of nearly one million dollars. Volunteers provide valuable service in many areas, including Citizens on Patrol (COPS), patrol divisions, records and property control, crime scene and laboratory analysis, crime reporting and animal care.

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