City Manager

City of Charlotte Takes Citizens' Pulse

A major marketing research project was conducted and completed this May to gauge citizens' overall perception of the City and its services, identify issues of concern, determine how citizens receive information, and to evaluate preference for City versus private service providers. 

When citizens were asked if given a choice between having municipal services provided by the City of Charlotte or private companies, they overwhelmingly would choose the City. On average 71% of people prefer the City to provide or operate garbage collection, utilities, public transportation, recycling, a call center, the airport and landscaping.  This represents an increase in preference up from 66% from the last survey conducted in 2004.

Citizens say our successes are...

  • Overall, residents rated the City of Charlotte extremely good or good in its delivery of services. (68%)

  • Residents agreed or strongly agreed that Charlotte is a good place to live. (78%)

  • Policies to protect the environment and encourage water conservation were rated good or extremely good. (70%)

  • Operation of the animal shelter and pet adoption were rated good or extremely good. (76%)

  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport was rated good or extremely good. (81%)

  • LYNX light rail services were rated good or extremely good. (70%)

  • Respondents who had used 311 rated their service as positive or extremely positive. (74%)

Citizens say our challenges are...

  • Respondents agreed the City could improve code enforcement for neglected or abandoned homes and property.  (66%)

  • Surveyed residents thought the City should provide more affordable housing options. (61%)

  • Residents indicated a need for improvements in overall road conditions. (53%)

  • Respondents wanted increased crime prevention efforts. (54%)

  • There is a need for better leadership training and problem solving for neighborhoods. (64%)

  • Respondents wanted better growth planning. (62%)

The most important issues to residents are...

  • 51%       Crime, gangs, violence

  • 24%       Road construction

  • 17%       Public transportation

  • 17%       More/better police action

  • 13%       Water costs

  • 13%       City growth

  • 11%       Property taxes

  • 10%       Environmental concerns

CharMeck 311

When it comes to customer service the City of Charlotte is dedicated to serving its customers. That's why it's critical to measure the impressions of the City's 311 Call Center. 

Citizens' overall impression of the service provided by 311 is 71% positive. Additionally, the impression of those who have called 311 in the past year is also 74% positive. 

Citizens called 311 for questions about garbage rollout collection, scheduling bulky item pickup, animal control questions, handling of call transfers for non-emergency police calls such as auto theft, graffiti or property damage, and answering property tax billing questions.

Overall two out of three residents believe Charlotte is a good place to live, raise children and offers a good environment for business.