City Manager

Taiwo Jaiyeoba

Taiwo Jaiyeoba,
Assistant City Manager and Director of Planning, Design and Development

Taiwo Jaiyeoba is focused on the future as the City of Charlotte’s Assistant City Manager and Director of Planning, Design and Development. Throughout his career in public service, he has demonstrated a strategic and comprehensive vision rooted in a fresh perspective on the elements needed to create a thriving city. His work on the development of the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan demonstrates his ability to bring people together in the pursuit of a common goal. Jaiyeoba is a champion and architect for the mobility, accessibility and connectivity efforts designed to benefit all Charlotte residents.

With nearly 30 years of regional, municipal and private sector service, Jaiyeoba has extensive experience leading planning and transportation initiatives nationally and internationally. Before joining the City of Charlotte, he served as Director of the Sacramento Regional Transit District in California, and Director of Planning and Development in Grand Rapids, MI. In both cities, he led and managed major federally-funded transit studies, zoning ordinance rewrites and large-scale capital projects.

Jaiyeoba is active in his community, currently serving as a member of the Zoning Adjustment Board and formerly as Planning Board member for the Town of Wesley Chapel. He is a board member of Habitat For Humanity, University City Partners and Charlotte Center City Partners. In addition, Jaiyeoba is a proud participant in missions to Botswana through Livingspring International, a non-profit organization. Jaiyeoba earned his bachelor’s degree in Geography, and his Master of Science degree in Urban and Regional Planning, from Ife University in Nigeria.