• Coping with a 5.3% increase in the loan delinquency rate due to the economic downturn.
  • Implementing Smart Growth strategies while continuing to develop and offer citizens a variety of housing and lifestyle options.
  • Finding compromise in conflicts among development interests and those of citizens and environmentalists.


  • Developed and adopted land use strategies for the following areas:  Washington Heights, Optimist Park, Charlotte's Eastside, Brookshire Boulevard/I-485, West Morehead and Statesville Avenue Corridor.  Each strategy focuses on the community's individual character, its existing facilities and also serves as a guide for development to meet each area's future needs.
  • Investigated 27 fair housing complaints and provided fair housing training for 260 citizens.
  • Assisted 541 families and individuals to purchase homes, a 44% increase over the past year.
Families or Individuals Receiving Home Ownership Assistance
  • Ensured that 100% of all new subdivisions constructed since October 2001 contained interconnected streets and pedestrian amenities.
  • Adopted a tree ordinance that limits the clear cutting of trees in single-family developments and encourages the planting of trees in future projects.
  • Adopted an ordinance that holds developers and contractors responsible for maintaining erosion control on their projects and protects environmentally sensitive areas from sediment damage.

Charlotte's Seven Areas of Focus:

  • Completed a neighborhood action plan for the Seversville Community and initiated work on plans for Optimist Park and Washington Heights.  A neighborhood action plan is a strategy to revitalize targeted fragile neighborhoods by providing a range of services from infrastructure improvements to transit services enhancement.
  • Completed neighborhood improvements that included installation of street lights, sidewalks, water/sewer lines, curb and gutter for Druid Hills, Wilora Lake, Grier Heights, Moore's Chapel and Orchard Park communities.
Strengthen Neighborhoods