• Addressing the growing numer of robbeeries involving Latino/Hispanic victimes.  Reporting of these crimes increased 13.64% indicating a growing trust of police among the Latino community.
  • Developing innovative ways to contain crime in light of a projected national increase.  Crime increased in seven out of eight offensive categories:  homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, auto theft and arson.  Larceny was the only category that declined.

Reduction in Arson Loss

Charlotte's Seven Areas of Focus:


  • Cleared 30.3% of arson cases and reduced the arson loss rate by 21.4% from $5.47 per capita in FY 2001 to $4.30 per capita in FY 2002.
  • Developed a post September 11 response protocol associated with the large volume of anthrax-related calls that conserved police and fire resources.
  • Continue to make significant progress in building trust and communication in the Latino community.  Robberies decreased 20.51% in five Hispanic communities identified as chronic crime hotspots.
  • Began tracking individuals arrested multiple times for domestic violence related charges such as Assault on a Female, Communicating Threats and Damage to Property.  This approach will result in stronger penalties for repeat offenders.
  • Disrupted the sale of drugs in 19 targeted open-air drug markets, which included Howie Acres, 100 block of Dalton Avenue, Stonecrest Shopping Center, Gladedale Apartments and 1600 block of Longleaf Drive.
Reduce Crime Photos