• Coping with delays in obtaining ridership projection data for rapid transit projects led to a six-month delay in engineering for the South Corridor Light Rail Project and an eight-month delay in completing the major investment studies in the remaining four transit corridors.
  • Ensuring regional coordination for future roadway projects to attain air quality conformity under the Clean Air Act.
  • Coordinating the integration of land use and transportation.


  • Received a "Highly Recommended" rating for the South Corridor Light Rail Project from the Federal Transit Administration.  The FTA gave this rating, its highest, to only two other projects nationwide.
  • Increased transit ridership 3.6% from 14.0 million in FY 2001 to 14.7 million in FY 2002.
  • Installed 3,831 new bus stop signs, with schedule and route information provided, as part of priority improvements to the transit system.
Provide Safe, Convenient Transportation


Overall Charlotte Area Transit System Ridership