In FY01, the City achieved the following:

  • Ranked among the top tier of airports nationwide in customer satisfaction in eight categories, including cleanliness, attractiveness, closeness of parking and ease of reaching gates.
  • Eliminated the backlog of 1,800 private property repairs to storm drains initially identified in 1993, allowing resources of the Storm Water Program to now be applied to remaining priorities.
  • Reduced the average repair response time to water leaks to two weeks, an 80% improvement over the 9.48 weeks average during FY00.
  • Increased average daily water usage by only 0.13% despite a 4.5% increase in new customer accounts, indicating success in encouraging voluntary water conservation.
  • Reduced the number of sewer spills to 213 in FY01 from 251 in FY00, a 15% reduction.
  • Increased the number of services offered to citizens via the Internet.  New online services include: scheduling curbside pick up of discarded bulky items and paying City services bills through PC banking.
  • Provided customer service available in more than 148 different languages.
  • Began installation on the first of several major water mains planned over the next 10 years to improve water pressure and bolster the water distribution network.
  • Worked with 1, 208 businesses to reduce and eliminate sewer overflows caused by oil and grease entering the sewer system.
  • Reacquired the garbage collection contract for the City's south quadrant through a competitive bidding process that will save the City nearly $775,000.
  • Conducted 25,368 health and sanitation inspections , bringing 95% of violations into compliance within 30 days.
  • Rehabilitated three miles of water lines and 32 miles of sewer lines.

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The City continues to face a number of challenges in this area, including:

  • Further reducing instances of missed garbage collection.  While the number is down 13%, there were 10,865 complaints about missed collection in FY01.
  • Reducing the cost per mile of street asphalt maintenance without compromising street quality.  Charlotte spends $2,689 per mile, 62% higher than the statewide average of $1,661.
  • Continuing to provide service to a rapidly growing, culturally and linguistically diverse consumer base.
  • Pumping record amounts of water during warm, dry weather and maintaining adequate water pressure throughout the City's 3,100-mile water line system.

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Response Time to Water Leaks




16 Weeks

9.48 Weeks

2 Weeks

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