Each year City Council identifies areas of focus for meeting community needs.  City staff uses these focus areas as a framework for allocating funds, energies and resources.  These areas had remained the same since their development in 1992 until this fiscal year.  In January 2002, City Council modified the City Within A City area to Communities Within A City.  This expansion of focus will address issues of inner city neighborhoods and also direct attention to suburban areas that are showing signs of decline.  This modification is the only change in the following five Focus Areas:

  • Communities Within A City ... Charlotte will be a community of diverse, healthy neighborhoods of choice.
  • Community Safety ... Charlotte will be a safe city in which to live and work.
  • Economic Development ... Charlotte will be a successful city through quality economic development.
  • Restructuring Government ... The City of Charlotte will manage for results.
  • Transportation ... Charlotte will be a city of transportation choices.

Council also designates annually specific projects and initiatives as priorities.  In FY 2002, Council continued the City's commitment to three priorities:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Smart Growth

Council highlighted these initiatives as priorities this past year and remained committed to the fulfillment of each during FY 2002.

Charlotte's Seven Areas of Focus: