Provide programs and services that expand travel choices and increase use of alternative modes of transportation.


Customer satisfaction ratings were below target. Charlotte Area Transit System customer satisfaction ratings fell short of target ratings in on-time performance (-0.13), pass ups (-0.09) and driver sensitivity (-0.16).

   -  Ability to meet future demand for transportation capital improvements within the City's bonding capacity is an ongoing challenge.

   -  Light Rail Station Area Plan adoption did not meet the target, which was to have eight stations by summer 2004.  However, drafts were completed for the New Bern Station and the remainder will be completed by the end of 2004.  The adoption process for the first plan will be initiated in the fall of 2004.

   -  Bus shelters were installed in 87 areas, against a target of 100.  Installation at locations on state roads has been delayed pending resolution of encroachment agreement/clear zone issues with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).


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   -  On-time arrivals at Charlotte Douglas ranked first in a U.S. Department of Transportation ranking of the top 31 major airports. With 84.8% of flights arriving on time through May 2004, the number one rating is a significant increase from 2003 when Charlotte Douglas International ranked 21st with 81.8% of flights arriving on schedule.  In terms of on-time departures, Charlotte ranked 11th with 84.85% of flights leaving on time through May.

Transit ridership increased in FY2004 by 5.3%, despite a 10% fare increase in October 2002.  This was the sixth consecutive year of ridership increases.  There has been an overall 38.4% increase since FY1998.  

   -  Sales outlets to purchase transit passes increased to 77 (from 64) and the number of schedule rack locations increased to 71 (from 59).

   -  Transportation infrastructure projects were completed 92% of the time within three years of completed design or available funding.  Ten transportation projects were completed in FY2004, including widening

Archdale Drive
and improvements at the intersection of Sharon Amity/Lyttleton.

   -  Bicycle accidents decreased 31.5%, greatly surpassing the established goal of decreasing such accidents by 5%.  Awareness and education campaigns and the creation of more cycling lanes helped achieve the reduction.

   -  A contract for the purchase of 16 light rail vehicles was awarded by the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS).  The South Corridor Light Rail (SCLR) project received a "Recommended" rating from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).  It was recognized as a "meritorious project deserving of further federal funding" and $30 million was included in the FY2005 federal budget.  Construction of the line is scheduled to begin late in 2004; trains are expected to begin operating in October 2006.

   -  Planning and design of all first-priority South Corridor infrastructure projects are on schedule.  Construction is to be completed in conjunction with the South Corridor Light Rail Line.

   -  Charlotte Douglas International Airport ranked in the top 15 for overall satisfaction in a worldwide survey conducted by J D Power and Associates.  The airport also ranked eighth worldwide in food and beverage satisfaction.

   -  Airport passenger processing time was quicker than the national average wait time of 14.7 minutes during peak periods, with a year-to-date actual wait time at Charlotte Douglas International Airport of 6.8 minutes.

Chart of Airport Satisfaction