The City of Charlotte will be a model of excellence that puts citizens first.  Skilled, motivated employees will be known for providing quality and value in all areas of service.  We will be a platform for vital economic activity that gives Charlotte a competitive edge in the marketplace.  We will partner with citizens and businesses to make this a community of choice for living, working and leisure activities.

The mission of the City of Charlotte is to ensure the delivery of quality public services and to promote the safety, health and quality of life of its citizens.

"Public Service is Our Business"


The City of Charlotte provides such services as:
- Police and fire protection
- Garbage and recyclables collection
- Water and sewer services
- Road construction and maintenance
- Transit services
- Planning
- Zoning
- Code enforcement
- Economic development
- Charlotte/Douglas International Airport operations

Photo of Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center

This report highlights key accomplishments and challenges City government faced during the past fiscal year (July 1, 2002, through June 30, 2003). 

Some of these challenges stemmed from the lingering impact of September 11, 2001, and the economic downturn; others were the result of unseasonable, severe weather and the area's continued growth and development.

Despite these challenges, the City held to the seven strategic objectives used to monitor performance, which provide the structure for this report:
- Maintain competitive tax rate
- Reduce crime
- Increase perception of safety
- Strengthen neighborhoods
- Provide safe, convenient transportation
- Enhance service delivery
- Promote economic opportunity

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(Mecklenburg County oversees such services as libraries, jails, parks and recreation, education and human and social services.)

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