City Council Focus Areas and Priorities
Each year City Council identifies focus areas to serve as the framework for allocating funds and resources:

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- Communities Within a City
Charlotte will be a community leading in diverse, healthy neighborhoods of choice.

- Community Safety
Charlotte is committed to becoming the safest large city in America.

- Economic Development
Charlotte will be the most prosperous and livable city for all citizens through quality economic development.

- Restructuring Government
Charlotte will provide the best services at the lowest cost.

- Transportation
Charlotte will be the premier city in the country for transportation choices.

City Council also designated specific initiatives as priorities.  In FY2003, these priorities were:

- Affordable Housing
Developing well-maintained housing that is affordable to citizens of all income levels.

- Economic Development
Attracting, developing and retaining businesses to expand employment opportunities.

- Smart Growth
Developing and maintaining a healthy environment, a thriving economy and sound social equity in the region.

City Council's focus areas and priorities guide City staff in carrying out the City's mission.  Departments develop annual business plans in support of the focus areas and priorities and set individual performance goals and objectives to achieve results.