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Committee Charge

The committee reviews and recommends policy related to comprehensive initiatives designed to create affordable housing and provide opportunities that align with creating great neighborhoods.

City Council ​Committee members

Victoria Watlington
Greg Phipps

Committee documents

collapse Date of Meeting : 8/15/2022 ‎(4)
Great Neighborhoods Agenda_08.15.22.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Agenda_08.15.22
Source of Income Protections_Enforcement_GN Committee_08.15.22.pdfSource of Income Protections_Enforcement_GN Committee_08.15.22
NEST Commission Update_Great Neighborhoods_08.15.22.pdfNEST Commission Update_Great Neighborhoods_08.15.22
Great Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_Aug 15 2022.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_Aug 15 2022
collapse Date of Meeting : 7/11/2022 ‎(4)
Great Neighborhoods Agenda_July 11 2022.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Agenda_July 11 2022
Displacement Response PPT_July 11 2022.pdfDisplacement Response PPT_July 11 2022
Housing Jobs Summit PPT_July 11 2022.pdfHousing Jobs Summit PPT_July 11 2022
Great Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_July 11 2022.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_July 11 2022
collapse Date of Meeting : 6/27/2022 ‎(5)
Great Neighborhoods Agenda_06.27.22.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Agenda_06.27.22
Referrals and Focus Areas PPT_June 27 2022.pdfReferrals and Focus Areas PPT_June 27 2022
Housing Trust Fund Tune Up PPT_June 27 2022.pdfHousing Trust Fund Tune Up PPT_June 27 2022
Staying in Place Pilot Program Update_June 27 2022.pdfStaying in Place Pilot Program Update_June 27 2022
Great Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_June 27 2022.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_June 27 2022
collapse Date of Meeting : 5/23/2022 ‎(4)
Neighbors Building Neighborhoods Presentation_May 23 2022.pdfNeighbors Building Neighborhoods Presentation_May 23 2022
Great Neighborhoods Look-Ahead Presentation_May 23 2022.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Look-Ahead Presentation_May 23 2022
Great Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_05.23.22.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_05.23.22
collapse Date of Meeting : 4/25/2022 ‎(3)
Great Neighborhoods Meeting Agenda_04.25.22.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Meeting Agenda_04.25.22
Silver Line TOD Study_Great Neigh Committee_April 25 2022.pdfSilver Line TOD Study_Great Neigh Committee_April 25 2022
Great Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_04.25.22.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_04.25.22
collapse Date of Meeting : 3/28/2022 ‎(4)
Great Neighborhoods Agenda_03.28.22.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Agenda_03.28.22
Rental Subsidy Requirements Presentation_03.28.22.pdfRental Subsidy Requirements Presentation_03.28.22
Homeownership Programs Presentation_03.28.2022.pdfHomeownership Programs Presentation_03.28.2022
Great Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_03.28.22.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_03.28.22
collapse Date of Meeting : 2/28/2022 ‎(4)
Great Neighborhoods Agenda_02.28.22.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Agenda_02.28.22
SOIAdHocCommittee Recommendations_PreRead and Presentation_02.28.22.pdfSOIAdHocCommittee Recommendations_PreRead and Presentation_02.28.22
Staying in Place Pilot Program_02.28.22.pdfStaying in Place Pilot Program_02.28.22
Great Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_02.28.22.pdfGreat Neighborhoods Meeting Summary_02.28.22
collapse Date of Meeting : 1/24/2022 ‎(4)
Meeting Agenda_Great Neighborhoods_Jan 24 2022.pdfMeeting Agenda_Great Neighborhoods_Jan 24 2022
2022 Great Neighborhoods Meeting Schedule.pdf2022 Great Neighborhoods Meeting Schedule
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