City Council Committees

City Council ​Committee members

James Mitchell Jr

Edmund H. Driggs​

Julie Eiselt

Dr. Justin Harlow

Matt Newton

​Charlotte thrives by supporting diverse businesses and economic opportunities for all.

ChargeThe committee reviews and recommends policies to build and maintain a successful business climate and workforce talent; including the number of jobs with sustainable wages/benefits, economic opportunity for all residents and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.

Committee documents

collapse Date of Meeting : 9/26/2019 ‎(6)
September 26, 2019 Agenda.pdfSeptember 26, 2019 Agenda
ED Committee BIG Presentation 9-26-19.pdfED Committee BIG Presentation 9-26-19
ED Committee Opportunity Zones Presentation 9-26-19.pdfED Committee Opportunity Zones Presentation 9-26-19
OZ Handout 09-26-19.pdfOZ Handout 09-26-19
OZ Handout from CM Mitchell 9-26-19.pdfOZ Handout from CM Mitchell 9-26-19
ED Committee Summary 9-26-19 Final.pdfED Committee Summary 9-26-19 Final
collapse Date of Meeting : 8/19/2019 ‎(5)
Career Pathways Presentation 8-19-19.pdfCareer Pathways Presentation 8-19-19
Opportunity Zones Economic Development Committee 8-19-19.pdfOpportunity Zones Economic Development Committee 8-19-19
CBI Certification Handout 8-19-19.pdfCBI Certification Handout 8-19-19
August 19, 2019 Agenda.pdfAugust 19, 2019 Agenda
ED Committee Summary 8-19-19.pdfED Committee Summary 8-19-19
collapse Date of Meeting : 7/22/2019 ‎(4)
July 22, 2019 Agenda.pdfJuly 22, 2019 Agenda
Business Investment Grant Presentation 7-22-19.pdfBusiness Investment Grant Presentation 7-22-19
Project PIECE 2.0 Presentation - 7-22-19.pdfProject PIECE 2.0 Presentation - 7-22-19
ED Committee Summary 7-22-19 Final.pdfED Committee Summary 7-22-19 Final
collapse Date of Meeting : 6/27/2019 ‎(5)
June 27, 2019 Agenda Final.pdfJune 27, 2019 Agenda Final
Excelsior Club Presentation 06-27-2019.pdfExcelsior Club Presentation 06-27-2019
Historic Landmark Commission Handout.pdfHistoric Landmark Commission Handout
Charlotte Community Capital Fund Presentation 6-27-19.pdfCharlotte Community Capital Fund Presentation 6-27-19
ED Committee Summary 6-27-19.pdfED Committee Summary 6-27-19
collapse Date of Meeting : 5/23/2019 ‎(7)
Council Priorities Presentation 5-23-19.pdfCouncil Priorities Presentation 5-23-19
Eastland Redevelopment Presentation  5-23-19.pdfEastland Redevelopment Presentation 5-23-19
Eastland Community Presentation 5-23-19.pdfEastland Community Presentation 5-23-19
Opportunity Zones Presentation 5-23-19.pdfOpportunity Zones Presentation 5-23-19
Sherbert Group Opportunity Zone Handout 5-23-19.pdfSherbert Group Opportunity Zone Handout 5-23-19
May 23, 2019 Agenda.pdfMay 23, 2019 Agenda
ED Committee Summary 5-23-19 Final.pdfED Committee Summary 5-23-19 Final
collapse Date of Meeting : 4/25/2019 ‎(6)
April 25, 2019 Agenda.pdfApril 25, 2019 Agenda
SBM Handout 4-25-19.pdfSBM Handout 4-25-19
Innovate Charlotte Start Up Data Memo to ED Committee.pdfInnovate Charlotte Start Up Data Memo to ED Committee
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