City Council Committees

​Committee Charge

The committee reviews and recommends policies to create a thriving economic climate where businesses are connected to highly skilled talent and technologies.

City Council ​Committee members

City Council ​Committee members

James Mitchell Jr

Tariq Bokhari​

Dimple Tansen Ajmera​

Malcolm Graham

Renee’ Johnson

​Charlotte thrives by supporting diverse businesses and economic opportunities for all.

ChargeThe committee reviews and recommends policies to build and maintain a successful business climate and workforce talent; including the number of jobs with sustainable wages/benefits, economic opportunity for all residents and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.

Committee documents

collapse Date of Meeting : 4/9/2020 ‎(4)
April 9, 2020 Agenda.pdfApril 9, 2020 AgendaNew
Small Business Presentation 4-9-20.pdfSmall Business Presentation 4-9-20New
COVID-19 Handout 4-9-20.pdfCOVID-19 Handout 4-9-20New
Economic Support Summary 4-9-20.pdfEconomic Support Summary 4-9-20New
collapse Date of Meeting : 2/10/2020 ‎(5)
February 10, 2020 Agenda.pdfFebruary 10, 2020 Agenda
2.10.20 Business Recruitment Strategy Presentation.pdf2.10.20 Business Recruitment Strategy Presentation
2.10.20 Opportunity Hiring Grant Presentation.pdf2.10.20 Opportunity Hiring Grant Presentation
AMP UP 2020 Marketing Flyer.pdfAMP UP 2020 Marketing Flyer
AMP UP 2020 Curriculum Overview.pdfAMP UP 2020 Curriculum Overview
collapse Date of Meeting : 1/6/2020 ‎(2)
January 6, 2020 Agenda Packet.pdfJanuary 6, 2020 Agenda Packet
WBDC Presentation 1-6-20.pdfWBDC Presentation 1-6-20
collapse Date of Meeting : 10/24/2019 ‎(5)
October 24, 2019 Agenda.pdfOctober 24, 2019 Agenda
Opportunity Zones_10-24-2019.pdfOpportunity Zones_10-24-2019
ED Committee Small Business Presentation 10-24-19.pdfED Committee Small Business Presentation 10-24-19
Urban Main Presentation 10-24-19.pdfUrban Main Presentation 10-24-19
ED Committee Summary 10-24-19.pdfED Committee Summary 10-24-19
collapse Date of Meeting : 10/8/2019 ‎(3)
ED Committee Joint Summary - October 8-9, 2019.pdfED Committee Joint Summary - October 8-9, 2019
Charlotte Opportunity Zones Handout October 8-9, 2019.pdfCharlotte Opportunity Zones Handout October 8-9, 2019
OZ One Pager Handout - October 8-9, 2019.pdfOZ One Pager Handout - October 8-9, 2019
collapse Date of Meeting : 9/26/2019 ‎(6)
September 26, 2019 Agenda.pdfSeptember 26, 2019 Agenda
ED Committee BIG Presentation 9-26-19.pdfED Committee BIG Presentation 9-26-19
ED Committee Opportunity Zones Presentation 9-26-19.pdfED Committee Opportunity Zones Presentation 9-26-19
OZ Handout 09-26-19.pdfOZ Handout 09-26-19
OZ Handout from CM Mitchell 9-26-19.pdfOZ Handout from CM Mitchell 9-26-19
ED Committee Summary 9-26-19 Final.pdfED Committee Summary 9-26-19 Final
collapse Date of Meeting : 8/19/2019 ‎(5)
Career Pathways Presentation 8-19-19.pdfCareer Pathways Presentation 8-19-19
Opportunity Zones Economic Development Committee 8-19-19.pdfOpportunity Zones Economic Development Committee 8-19-19
CBI Certification Handout 8-19-19.pdfCBI Certification Handout 8-19-19
August 19, 2019 Agenda.pdfAugust 19, 2019 Agenda
ED Committee Summary 8-19-19.pdfED Committee Summary 8-19-19
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