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Frequently Asked Questions​​​​​​​​​

Frequently Asked QuestionsThe City Clerk's Office receives a wide range of questions regarding records and public services.  Please find the most frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers below.  If you need help, please call the City Clerk's Office at 704-336-2248 or email at

Birth and death certificates can be obtained through Mecklenburg County's Health Department's Office of Vital Records. 

Phone:  704-336-2819   
Address:  700 East Stonewall Street   Map


The Register of Deeds also maintains vital and miscellaneous records including, marriage licenses, certified copies of marriage licenses, birth & death certificates, military discharges (DD214), notary oaths & notary authentications.   For more information, including fee schedules, please visit the North Carolina Register of Deeds website (NCARD).

Marriage licenses can be obtained at the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds.

Phone:  704-336-2443               
Address:  720 East Fourth Street   Map

For more information, including fee schedules, please visit the North Carolina Register of Deeds website (NCARD).

The Register of Deeds maintains vital and miscellaneous records including, marriage licenses, certified copies of marriage licenses, birth & death certificates, military discharges (DD214), notary oaths & notary authentications.​

You can obtain information regarding a divorce, along with other court-related records by contacting the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court

Phone:  704-686-0400 
Address: 832 East Fourth Street.  Map

​To obtain public records pertaining to the City of Charlotte, please visit our Public Records Request page for more information. 

  • Police Records (Crash, Crime, Incident, Arrest & Calls for Service Reports)

The City Code Book is available online.  Please click here for more information. 

The Building Code is available from the North Carolina Department of Insurance. Call 919-661-5880 to order or visit their website.

There are various resources available on the web:

  • City Council minutes are searchable from 1979 forward.  You can perform robust searches by clicking here
  • City Council documents are also available here.
  • Welcome Charlotte is an open data portal that provides accessible City services, operations and statistical data.
  • You may also contact the City Clerk's Office at 704-336-2248 or email

​The Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds maintains records of deeds, power of attorney, plat maps, condominiums or other documents that are part of the consolidated real property records. 

Phone: 704-336-2443
Address: 720 East Fourth Street    Map

The Register of Deeds provides records research and assistance, including, "DBA" (assumed business name), regular or certified copies of documents, basic information on property records and instruction on more in-depth research of property records. 

For more information, including fee schedules, please visit the North Carolina Register of Deeds website (NCARD).

Click here to search real property tax liens, bills, special assessments, delinquent bills and personal property.  Click here for more information on property taxes or to pay online. ​

For Code Enforcement information, click on the appropriate links below:

For information related to Fire Code violations, please complete the online request form.  Should you need an official verification of the zoning for each address, please contact Charles Hodges at There is a charge for this service.

For assessment records, please contact the Mecklenburg County Office of the Tax Collector.  

You can also perform different searches by visiting Permits and Projects.

Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 704-336-2248 or email at  
You can also request contract information by submitting a Public Records Request.  

Please click here to find City Council minutes that are available on the web. 

You can view archived minutes back to 1945 on the City Clerk website.  In addition, you can perform robust searches of meeting minutes from 1979 to the present by clicking here

To find current and archived ordinances and resolutions, please click here.
You can view current and archived Council meetings here.  At this site, you can also download audio (.mp3 format) and video (.mp4 format) of the meetings.
You can find out more information about City Council members, including contact information, by clicking here.

You can find who represents you by clicking here.

Please review the City Council Meeting Schedule to view times and locations of City Council meetings.
For more information about speaking in front of City Council and to complete the Online Speaker Sign Up Form, please click here.

For more information about zoning, including rezoning petitions, please visit the Planning website.

For more information about boards and commissions and to apply, please visit our Boards and Commissions webpage. 

The Mecklenburg County Board of Elections can assist you to register to vote. They also provide voter cards and you can find out who are your representatives.  You can find more information here.

There are several resources available.  Please select one of the links below:

Please select from the list below:

Please visit for more information about permits in Mecklenburg County. 

* If an Alcohol Permit is needed for a private event such as a wedding reception, please call the Alcohol Beverage Commission in Raleigh, NC at 919-779-0700 or visit​

Passports are issued by the federal government.  More information about cost and locations is available here.  ​​​

For information on parking & parking citations, please visit Park It! To pay your parking ticket online, click here

Phone:  704-375-3177
Address:  1440 South Tryon Street, Suite 108   Map  

Charlotte's Code Enforcement addresses code violations.  Examples of violations are yard waste, neglect of property, illegal dumping, signs, tall weeks & grass and abandoned & junk vehicles. 

Code Enforcement also administers:

If you are a person, partnership other than a limited partnership, or corporation doing business in Mecklenburg County under an assumed name, visit the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds. Office to file a DBA.  Please click here for more information.​

You will need to complete an AOC-SP-601/DHHS 1053 Order and Certificate of Name Change (not available online).  For assistance on name changes, contact the Clerk of Court at 704-686-0400. 

The City of Charlotte's Community Relations Committee (CRC) assists the public with complaints against the police.  To learn more or to file a complaint, please call 704-336-2382.  Please click here for more information about the police complaint review program. 

Probation officers are employees of the State of North Carolina's Department of Public Safety (DPS).  Click here for more information or call their hotline at 844-208-4018.

The City of Charlotte Housing Code requires homeowners and landlords to keep their homes in good condition.  Code inspectors check dwellings to insure that the structure meets the minimum standards prescribed by the ordinance.  Click here for more information. 

To request an inspection or file a complaint, please call 311 (if outside Mecklenburg County: 704-336-7600).

The directory for the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court can be accessed here

Phone:  704-686-0400. 
Address:  832 East Fourth Street.  Map

The Clerk of Court in Mecklenburg County administers a wide range of civil and criminal related matters.  There are various divisions, including, Information, Administration, Adoptions, Bookkeeping, Cashier Department, Child Support, Civil Department, Criminal Department, Estates Department, Judgments, Liens, Judicial Hospitalization, Juvenile Court Processing, Small Claims Filing Information (evictions) and other Special Proceedings.  For more information about a specific topic, Please visit the North Carolina Court System's Frequently Asked Questions webpage. To be directed to the correct division, please click here. 

For more information about traffic tickets, click here.  To pay your ticket online, visit payNCticket.

There are several agencies that perform the check depending on what kind of background check you need.  Please select a link for more information on obtaining a single criminal background check or ongoing criminal background check.

To find out when your case is scheduled, please visit the Court Calendars.  If you cannot find your name on a court calendar listing or in a name query, contact the Clerk of Superior Court in the County in which the case is to be tried. For cases in Mecklenburg County, call 704-686-0400. 

If you do not go to court on the date that you are supposed to, then an Order for Arrest may be issued on that day. If you miss court, then go to the Clerk of Court's Office immediately and explain the situation. You may be assigned another court date or you may not. Asking for a new court date does not mean that you will get it. It is your responsibility to arrive at court on your court date and to arrive at court on time. You should also be aware that your failure to appear in court might result in the revocation of your driver's license.  The Clerk of Court can be contacted at 704-686-0400.

For assistance regarding child support issues, please contact the Clerk of Court at 704-686-0500.

The Jury Management Division of the North Carolina Court System can assist you.  The Division can be reached at 704-686-0195.  (If calling about a lost jury summons, please press "0" to be transferred to a Jury Coordinator).

The Clerk of Superior Court in the county in which the decedent lived is the best place to start; in Mecklenburg County, call 704-686-0400. 

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff has a website with search engines for arrest, civil, inmate and warrant inquiries.  For generic inmate information, including information on how to pay a bond, call 704-336-8100. For information regarding specific inmates, call the VINE system at 1-800-247-9658. The VINE system provides information about charges, bond, housing, court dates, and notification regarding the release of an inmate.
or information about jails and visitation, including directions, please click here.

There are four types of public records that can appear on your credit report: bankruptcies, foreclosures, civil judgments, and tax liens.

The City of Charlotte does not maintain any of these types of public records. You can obtain court-related records by contacting the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court

Phone:  704-686-0400  
Address: 832 East Fourth Street.  Map

For more information about credit reports and the types of public records that can appear on them, please visit here.