City Clerk

City Council Information


The City Clerk is one of three City employees who is directly appointed by the Mayor and City Council.  The City Clerk serves as Clerk to the City Council and is linked in a variety of ways to the Councilmembers through the documents and information listed below.  

To learn more about the elected governing body visit the
City Council website for pictures, bios, districts, focus and priorities, committees that councilmembers serve on, duties and responsibilities.

​2017-2019 Charlotte City Council


Distributing Information to City Council:

Please see the City Council Address and Phone List for mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.  

For delivery to the Government Center,  send correspondence to the City Manager's Office, on the 15th Floor.  Contact the City Manager's Office to obtain the number of copies necessary for distribution at 704.336.2241.  

Note:  Correspondence sent to the Mayor or a Council member becomes public record.