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​Charlotte Vehicle Operations Center (CVOC) 18 acre facility with 16 acres of usable track surface
Officially opened in September 2003 at a cost of 2.25 million dollars Built to reduce accidents involving City owned vehicles and City employees.

Paid for itself in the first year by reducing costs associated with vehicle claims.

Out grew itself in the first three years by extraordinary use by all City and County Departments.

Hope to be able to expand facility to at least 9 adjoining acres within the next few years??

Classroom and office building completed in 2011.

Rolling (mobile) classroom before that for 8 years.

We train all aspects of SAFE/Defensive Driving techniques and equipment usage  from bicycles, segways, motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, tractor trailers, trailer backing,  forklifts, aerial/scissor lifts, bucket trucks, loading, tie down and unloading of equipment and much more. 

Consists of:

Upper urban area and perimeter road-narrow, county/rural soft shoulder roadways with round-a-bouts, “S” curves, road hump, intersections, etc.

Lower urban area-simulates typical traffic conditions found in subdivisions and housing areas.

Runway area-1,000 feet long by 80 feet wide with a 150 by 300 foot “T” off of it used for various course designs.

Off road recovery course is a 300 foot course with a 5 inch drop off to demonstrate how to regain control in the event the vehicles wheels should drop from the pavement onto the shoulder.

Last but certainly not least is the wet skid pad area: it is a 100 feet wide by 250 feet long surface that is coated with a special sealer and an irrigation sprinkler system that can be set to put as little or as much water as we need onto the sealed surface.

This course is used to teach skid control on a wet surface.

The facility has been open for 12 years this year and has paid its return on investment many times over in that time.

We have requests all the time from other agencies throughout the country wanting to visit our facility to see if they could possibly build one similar at their location.

I have been the full time Range Master for the entire time and I (WE) Risk Management, City of Charlotte are “ALL” very proud of our” EXEMPLARY Training Facility”!

We are here not only to teach SAFE / DEFENSIVE DRIVING Techniques, but also to make our customers happy and satisfied while they are learning.

“SAFE DRIVERS ARE OUR BUSINESS”! “We Teach You How”! “The Drive Is Up To You”!

Mike Dial,  ,  Range Master                  David Horne, Assistant Range Master
Charlotte Vehicle Operations Center

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