For Your Safety

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has launched a program intended to target felons carrying firearms in our community. The program will urge members of the community to call a dedicated phone line and forward anonymous information with the identity and whereabouts of a felon in the possession of a firearm.  The anonymous caller will be eligible for a $500.00 reward if an arrest is made as a result of their anonymous tip.  Additionally, anyone in the public who forwards information leading to the arrest of a person illegally carrying a firearm may be eligible for a cash reward.
During this campaign the community is asked to call our firearm tip line at 704.334.1600 to speak with a dispatcher.  They will need to give the name and or detailed description of the suspect, and where the person is at the time of the call.    
When the citizen calls to report a felon is in possession of a firearm, the following information should be obtained:
  • Location
    Where is the felon located at this time? Where do the police need to respond to locate the felon?
  • Event Type and Subtype
    The event type for the call is WP FWF– Weapon Felon with Firearm.  The subtype should be Just Occurred.  This combination will enter the call as a priority 2 event.
  • Felon’s name 
    What is the felon’s name and how does the caller know they are a felon?
  • Description
    Ask the caller for a complete description of the felon including clothing. 
  • Direction of Travel
    If the felon is on foot, what direction are they walking toward or from?
    Special Note - If the felon is in a moving car, enter a BOLO message with description of both the felon and vehicle including the direction of travel. Do not enter a call for service.  Advise the caller that a broadcast has been entered but because the felon is in a moving vehicle a call for service will not be entered.  
  • Weapon Information
    What type weapon and a description of the weapon? What is the location of the weapon? If the felon is carrying the weapon, does the caller know where, on the person, the weapon is?
  • Contact Information
    If the caller will leave call back information, enter the information into the call.  If the caller refuses to give call back information, DO NOT enter any call back information in the call.  ANY information should not be entered if the caller refused.