For Your Safety

Det. Toriarno Roddey
Do you have information about a crime?
If so, you can submit your information anonymously by calling, emailing or SMS texting. You could get a cash reward! Although the police solve many crimes in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, they can't solve all of them without your help!

We'll Protect Your Identity
You don't have to worry about your name being revealed in the case. We never tell anyone the person's name who tipped us off.  Not the the judge.  Not the jury.  Nobody.

What Kinds of Crimes?
We want to know about burglaries, robberies, drug deals, vandalism, violent acts and threats of violence; any crime of a serious nature. And if you know of a crime that is about to be committed, we want to hear about that, too.

Call in your Tip!
You can help make our city and county a better place to live, and make some money at the same time. So make the call to our hotline at 704-334-1600.

Submit A Tip Online!
Tips can be submitted through our partner website TipSoft that keeps your identity confidential and anonymous. Your email will be encrypted and immediately and securely transferred directly to the CMPD through our TipSoft - Tip Management application.

After submitting your tip, you will be provided with your own unique ID number that you will use when checking the status of your tip or picking up your reward. Never submit an emergency tip here. Please call 911 if it is an emergency.

Submit a Crime Stoppers Tip Online

Text a Tip from your Cellphone!
Mobile phone users across the Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas now have the ability to provide anonymous crime fighting tips through the power of SMS text messaging. Using TipSoft SMS, tips may be anonymously received and securely replied to with complete confidence. This service specifically allows text messaging informants to remain anonymous by encrypting the text messages and routing them through several secure servers, protecting the personal details of the informant.

Timely notifications to the Crime Stoppers will allow police to respond by text message to the originating cell phone without ever knowing the identity of the individual who left the tip. The user's information is always given an alias and a unique ID before being sent. This secure application allows the tipster and the investigator to have two-way dialog while always keeping the user's identity completely anonymous.

To text a crime tip to Crime Stoppers, start your text message with the code "TIP372" and then the tip information you would like the police to investigate. Send this message to CRIMES (274637). Once your tip is received, the TipSoft service will assign an alias ID to your message. A response is sent back to your phone with the alias information. With this information you can securely communicate back and forth with Crime Stoppers without them ever knowing your identity or cell phone number. You will also be able to use the alias ID to find out
updates on that investigation through the TipSoft website.

For more information on the TipSoft SMS service and demo of how to text in a tip, visit the TipSoft SMS page.

Crime and violence can seriously disrupt a student's attempt to get what he or she deserves: a good education. It's not fair to let the bad elements in our society ruin someone's future. And a lot of students aren't putting up with it.

Campus Crime Stoppers is an integral part of the overall Charlotte-Mecklenburg Crime Stoppers program. Formed in 1993, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Campus Crime Stoppers targets middle schools and high schools throughout the greater the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System (CMS) and has a ten year history of effectiveness in providing a means for students to help make their own schools safer. Since inception Campus Crime Stoppers has been successful in helping remove weapons and drugs from our schools, as well as providing information that has resulted in solving crimes involving vandalism, assaults and threats to students.

Campus Crime Stoppers educates students on the importance of safety and security at school through posters, flyers, home room meetings, tee shirts and other materials that help promote awareness.

The Campus Crime Stoppers program has been extremely successful and has become a model for other community's crime stopper programs.

  • A student can provide information to a School Resource Officer or school official in an anonymous manner, much like the Crime Stopper Community program. Their identify is never revealed.
  • Rewards range from $10 to $250 based upon the tip of crime or incident reported and a recommendation by the Board of Directors