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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Crime Statistics​

​​​Released January 12, 2023

Crime Statistical Summary for the End of the Year 2022:

    Today, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) released its annual end-of-year report revealing that overall crime was up 3% for the year with violent crime down 5% and property crime up 6%.

    "A 5% decrease in violent crime is encouraging, but we will continue to remain laser-focused on deterring these serious offenses in 2023,” said CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings. “There will always be violent crime to fight. Recruiting will continue to be a challenge as it is across the country. But I am incredibly proud and grateful for the men and women of CMPD who answer the call to serve each and every day.”

    Reducing violent crime was a top priority for CMPD in 2022, and proactive work resulted in a firearm seizure increase of 8% with more than 3,000 guns removed from the streets.

    Other areas of focus for 2022 included recruitment and retention, employee wellness, mental health response, customer experience training with the CMPD Serves program with 2,600 employees trained and bond system challenges and reform with proposed legislation pending.

    Several successful operations in 2022 included reckless bike groups, street racing, illegal gambling at sweepstakes locations and fish arcades, catalytic converter thefts, stolen vehicles and more.

    The following statistical breakdown below provides an overall snapshot of crime in 2022:
    • Homicides were 110 compared to 98 in 2021.
    • Violent crimes were 7,178 compared to 7,589 in 2021.
    • Rapes were 261 compared to 338 in 2021.
    • Residential burglaries were 1,996 compared to 2,147 in 2021.
    • Larceny from automobiles were 10,367 compared 10,510.
    • Armed robberies were 984 compared to 956 in 2021.
    • Commercial burglaries were 2,067 compared to 1,603 in 2021.
    • Vehicle thefts were 3,621 compared to 3,020 in 2021.
    • Property crimes were 32,335 compared to 30,637 in 2021.
    • Arsons were 149 compared to 131 in 2021.

    Looking forward to 2023, the CMPD has the following four priorities:
    • Continue efforts to decrease violent crime.
    • Recruitment and retention effort to increase applicant pool hiring and enhanced current workforce.
    • Continue customer experience training focused on employee wellness and world-class internal culture.
    • Ensuring officers have the best equipment, technology and training to do our jobs efficiently and effectively.

    “The CMPD will remain committed to seizing every opportunity in 2023 to prevent and fight crime while also continuing to recruit the best of the best to serve our great community,” said Chief Jennings.


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