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​CMPD Traffic - Major Crash Investigations Unit/Motorcycle Unit/DWI Task Force

About Us
Major Crash Investigation Unit

The mission of the Major Crash Investigations Unit (MCIU) is to solve traffic safety problems through partnerships with our citizens and other agencies. The Major Crash Investigations Unit is comprised of a highly trained, flexible, and proactive team that is committed to the prevention of vehicle collisions, the fair and impartial enforcement of motor vehicle laws, and the education of our citizens regarding traffic safety issues. The Major Crash Investigations Unit investigates all traffic related fatalities and any vehicle collision involving city or county equipment that has resulted in serious injury or extensive property damage. The Major Crash Unit will take a leadership role in raising public awareness to the emotional and economic consequences of traffic safety issues.

DWI Task Force
The DWI Task Force was formed in November of 2013 and comprised of 6 officers and a Sergeant. This is a grant funded unit through the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. The unit’s goal is to decrease DWI related crashes through vigorous traffic enforcement and DWI checking stations. The unit has two Drug Recognition Experts who assist the Major Crash Investigations with fatal crashes involving drug impaired individuals.

Motor Units
There are 13 motor units including a Sergeant. The high maneuverability of motorcycles has proven to be an asset in the areas of traffic enforcement, as well as providing valuable assistance with dignitary escortsparades, funerals and other special events. The unit’s primary focus is to suppress crime in the division “Hot Spots” or high crime areas through traffic enforcement and visibility.

bikes on the roadUnit Composition
The Major Crash Investigations Unit, Motorcycle Unit and DWI Task Force are managed within the Field Services South Group.

The Unit's staffing includes:
  • Captain
  • One Sergeant over fatality crash investigations
  • One Motor Sergeant
  • One DWI Task Force Sergeant
  • 6 DWI Task Force Officers
  • 12 Motor officers
  • 6 Fatality Investigators

All officers assigned to Major Crash Investigations, Motorcycle Unit and the DWI Task Force are required to attend and complete a rigorous traffic enforcement / collision reconstruction curriculum within their first year in the assignment. The officers are also required to maintain and keep current, certifications relating to their traffic enforcement assignment. Detectives with the Major Crash Investigations Unit are required to complete a collision reconstruction curriculum. The total primary training for MCIU Officers exceeds 600 hours.

The Major Crash Investigations Unit is equipped with some of the most modern and advanced traffic enforcement and collision reconstruction tools available to the Law Enforcement community today.

Some of which are:
  • Dodge Chargers, Chevy Tahoes.
  • Harley Davidson Electra Glide Motorcycle
  • MPH Industries BEE III RADAR unit
  • Laser Technologies Ultralyte LR B laser Radar
  • Spectra Precision Focus Total Station
  • Coefficient of friction measuring devices (Drag Sleds)
  • Alco-Sensor, portable alcohol screening device
  • Crush-Jig, coefficient of restitution measurement device
  • Window Tint Meters
  • Scales
  • Bosch CDR Download Kits

​The Major Crash Investigations office is not staffed 24 hours a day; however we do have voice mail on our phone line.
  • If you want a police officer to respond to your location, dial 911.
  • If you want to make a report by telephone, dial 311.
  • If you would like to speak to an officer about a particular traffic safety problem please call our office. If no one is available, please leave a message on our voice mail; dial 704-336-4465.
  • If you wish to contact our Traffic Hotline, dial 704-432-2120

​General Contact Info:
Major Crash Investigations Office
601 East Trade Street, 28202
Phone: 704-336-4465
Fax: 704-432-1471

Unit Commander: Captain Michelle Hummel - 704-336-4197

Motor Unit Supervisor: Sergeant M.K. Shy - 704-336-8403

MCIU Supervisor:Sergeant D. B. Sloan - ​704-336-8403