CMPD Directives & Information

In the spirit of partnership with the community, our goal is to make CMPD as accessible as possible to the people we serve. We are proud of our policies and procedures, and it is our hope this accessibility will benefit other law enforcement agencies, criminal justice research institutions and Charlotte- Mecklenburg residents.

Policies and procedures, referred to as directives, are rules that all CMPD members must follow in carrying out the mission of the department. They provide direction for how an officer should handle different situations that arise. The manual posted on this site is the exact manual distributed to all CMPD employees. When changes are made to our policies they will be included on this site as they are issued.

In police work, like many other professions, it is not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise or to prescribe a specific course of action in each scenario, therefore we expect all employees to exercise common sense and good judgment. 

Employee Rules of Conduct

CMPD Directives & Information