EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Due to pending litigation against the City concerning the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, the CMPD will no longer be able to provide members of the public with DMV-349 reports. All requests for DMV-349 accident reports should be directed to the NC DMV.

For additional clarity, our agreement with Lexis Nexis provided for public access of Accident Reports and Crime reports. With the conclusion of providing accident reports online, we are also required to stop sending Crime Reports to our online vendor. Public access to both of these will no longer be available. We have identified the following alternate methods for citizens to gain access to Accident and Crime Reports:

    Accident Reports:
    • Links on the public website and MyCMPD have been replaced to the link to NC DMV for citizens to get a copy of their accident report. Please note that they will be required to get the copy by mail only as there is no online access for these reports offered by the DMV.

    Incident Reports:
    • Citizens wanting a copy of their public incident report can get a copy one of the following ways:
      • If they provide their email address to the officer at the time the report is taken, they will automatically receive a copy of the report when the case is assigned to an officer for follow-up
      • They can call 311 or the CMPD Records number [704-336-2848] and provide the complaint number or other information about the report and receive a copy via email
      • They can email CMPD Records and receive an email copy of the report
      • They can visit CMPD HQ or any Division office and receive a copy of the incident report