CMPD Strategic Direction

    CMPD implements solutions and expands collaborative relationships within our organization and community to enhance trust, fairness and respect, to increase public safety.

    We envision becoming the trusted, respected and sought-after community partner by serving our citizens and taking care of our employees.

  • Oath of Office - Uphold the United States and North Carolina Constitutions.
  • Human Life - Seeing the value of every person.
  • Integrity - Promising to uphold the highest standards of integrity, being honest and ethical in all our actions.
  • People - Treating all people with dignity, respect, fairness and compassion.
  • Inclusion - Fostering a diverse and equitable culture that is committed to embracing all difference.
  • Community - Meeting everyone where they are, working together to achieve a shared vision.

  • A strong community that will embrace collaboration
  • Reflecting the community we serve
  • Becoming the model for other law enforcement organizations
  • Being the safest major city

CORE 4 graphic title
  Community Collaboration is a process of participation by people, groups and organizations working together to achieve results. Each member must be willing to plan and share vision, mission, power, resources and most importantly, goals. Collaboration builds trust, ensures accountability and defines success.

GOAL: A community that trusts and openly supports police.
Crime Management is how we work to prevent crime from occurring. It is partnering at each level of the criminal process to analyze crime and find alternative outcomes for those affected.

GOAL: Police, the Criminal Justice system and the community change a person's behavior from crime to acceptable social norms through intervention and positive impact.

Professional Accountability is an internally driven mindset to improve ourselves and the relations & outcomes we have with those we serve. As an agency we are transparent about corrective action and responsive to our community about how we police ourselves.

GOAL: Professional behavior is demonstrated by each of our employees.
  Employee Wellness is focused on supporting better mental and physical health at work for all employees. These efforts include physical and mental fitness programs, education and incentives, interventions for and improved access to care and social support for our employees.

GOAL: Our workforce is actively engaged in physical, social, emotional wellness activities.

For a complete synopsis of this initiative, please download and review the Strategic Direction Roadmap or the full graphic of the CORE 4 Principles.