Recruit Process infographic

Tips on how to complete the online application:

1. Always use proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation and complete sentences throughout the entire application.

2. List at least 10 years worth of Work History (if you have it) beginning with your current job.

3. Always list all of your educational learning institutions with complete information.

4. Always list addresses, phone numbers and job duties for your employers. Provide as much information about your employment as you can. Be detailed & descriptive when explaining specific duties & responsibilities about your position, but DO NOT cut and paste your resume into body of the application.

5. Double check your email address and phone number for accuracy. All correspondence is done through email. Misspellings or incorrect numbers will delay your application.

6. Please be patient! If your application is chosen to move forward you will receive an email from CMPD Recruitment, so please check your SPAM and Junk mail folders for application updates and/or emails from CMPD. DO NOT CALL CMPD Recruitment offices or the CMPD Academy for updates on your application.

7. If you have not heard from CMPD within 3 months of your initial application, use your "applicant ID #" to access your application and make additions & corrections to your application. DO NOT attempt submit more than 1 application.

Note: Every employer uses online and paper applications to find the best employees. Make your application stand out from the hundreds of other applications received each year by being thorough, informative & detailed when completing your application. Use credible online resources, your school's career service center and other employer related help sites to assist you in completing a thorough application.

​To update the application:

1. Log into the system at the top of the jobs portal page.​

2. Enter your User Name and Password - Note:​​ if you don’t remember your password, click “forgot your password or username?”​

3. Click on Update Contact Information to update your contact information. Note: Other application information cannot be edited once the application is submitted.

4. Then Update your application

Special Note: If you applied and were disqualified and the year time frame has passed you will have to create a new application.

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