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CMPD Military Recruiting

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police department takes great pride in supporting our brave men and women who serve and sacrifice for our country. Many of the values and attributes military members exhibit are what we look for to represent our department. We are a strong advocate of hiring veterans.

bullet point graphic Does CMPD offer additional benefits to military members?

Yes. CMPD offers the following benefits to military personnel:

-- Additional time to complete background packet. If you successfully pass the written and fitness testing, applicants have 30 days to return their background packet to the Recruitment Division. Active Duty military members can take an additional 60 days to return the packet if needed. Note: Applicants will need to contact the Recruitment Division to request the additional time while completing their packet.

-- Current military members receive up to two weeks of paid military leave for annual/ monthly training. This allows our service members to attend training without having to use vacation or other leave time.
-- CMPD participates in the Veteran’s Administration Apprenticeship Program, through the North Carolina Department of Labor. Military members eligible to receive GI Bill benefits may be enrolled in the program and earn an additional monthly supplement. More details are available through your local Veteran’s Affairs office
-- (Eligible active duty military time can be purchased and added to years of service for retirement benefits.) Please Note: The service purchase program is managed by the NC retirement system. Years of eligible service and cost will vary by applicant and are determined by the Local Government Employees Retirement System.

bullet point graphic Does CMPD offer a separate application process for military veterans?

-- Military members should apply through the normal police trainee application process. Previously, CMPD offered written and fitness testing at various military bases in the Carolinas. Due to an update in the fitness testing format, the fitness test is no longer mobile and must be completed at the CMPD Training Academy.

bullet point graphic Does CMPD use military / veteran preference points in the hiring process?

-- CMPD Recruitment does not currently utilize a point system to rank applicants. Each candidate is individually evaluated based on their unique qualifications, suitability and organizational fit. We place a high value on military experience because we know that many of the qualities obtained through military service (i.e., leadership, teamwork, commitment to public service, discipline) have direct application to the traits we look for in CMPD recruits.