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Lateral Entry Recruiting Program

CMPD is currently processing in-state and out-of-state certified Police Officers for Lateral Entry. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is looking for outstanding certified, sworn law enforcement officers to add to our ranks. We are interested in officers who exhibit integrity, professionalism and dedication to bring their skills and experience to service for our citizens.

The CMPD has a long history of excellence borne out of a commitment to making Charlotte one of the safest large cities in the United States. You will not find a police department with more pride, more talent or more integrity. We invite you to experience what we do – and the difference you can make as a member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Apply today!

Lateral Entry - Frequently Asked Questions:

bullet point graphicWhat are the minimum qualifications for the Lateral Entry program?

-- A minimum of at least 2 years of full-time experience with a sworn law enforcement agency, post academy graduation. You must reach your 2 year full time experience requirement at least 30 days prior to the Academy start date.

-- Sworn service in a non-law enforcement capacity does not qualify. For purposes of this policy, a non-law enforcement capacity includes: Deputies who work in jails, courtrooms, or communications.

-- Specialized law enforcement agencies do not qualify for lateral entry regardless of sworn status. This includes: transit police, campus police, housing authority police, department of corrections, park rangers, private police, etc.

--Agencies must answer 911 calls for service and have comparable duties to CMPD. Note: State Police agencies and the NC Highway Patrol qualify under this policy.

-- Applicants who have been separated from full-time sworn service for less than a year qualify under this policy. Applicants separated for over a year but less than 3 years are evaluated on a case by case basis.

bullet point graphicAre there additional requirements for out-of-state lateral transfers in the hiring process?

-- Yes. In addition to completing the full CMPD background process, out of state lateral transfers must obtain three additional items. (These documents are required by the NC CJ Education and Training Standards Commission and are necessary to be sworn in as a Law Enforcement Officer in North Carolina.)

1: A letter from your previous agency/ agencies detailing your dates of full-time, sworn service and that you left or are leaving the agency in good standing. The letter MUST state that you were full-time, sworn, and are in good standing with the agency.

2: A copy of your Basic Law Enforcement Training course certificate of completion. Please Note: This is not your law enforcement certificate, but the diploma you received indicating you graduated from your state’s basic law enforcement training program. If you did not receive a diploma or have misplaced it and cannot obtain a new copy, you must obtain a letter from your state’s law enforcement commission (P.O.S.T., Justice Academy, etc.) stating the start date and graduation date of your basic training, as well as the number of hours of basic training.

3: A topical breakdown/syllabus of the courses you completed in BLET.

bullet point graphicHow does the lateral academy compare to the traditional recruit academy?

-- In-state lateral trainees will attend a 4-week academy covering specific CMPD rules and procedures. In-state Laterals will then be sworn in and assigned to one of thirteen patrol divisions to complete a field training phase.

-- Out-of-state lateral trainees will also complete the 4-week academy with the in-state lateral trainees and will be sworn in after the 4-week academy. Out-of-state trainees will then split their time between a patrol division and the academy. During the 4-week lateral academy, out-of-state trainee’s training and experience will be evaluated by the State Education and Training Standards Commission. The State will then determine how many additional credit hours and topics out-of-state trainees will be required to complete. (Note: All out-of-state trainees will be required to pass the 96-hour legal training block). All out-of-state trainees will be required to successfully pass the NC BLET State Exam within one year of their swear in date.

bullet point graphicWhat is the pay structure for Lateral Entry Officers?

-- The Lateral Entry program starting pay is listed below. Pay is based on years of credible service and education level:

educational pay scale chart

In addition, there are other documents, specific to your current department, training and experience that you will need in order to complete your application for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. The following links for currently certified law enforcement officers will give you the information you need to submit a completed application in a timely manner.

**Highway Patrol & State Troopers are NOW ELIGIBLE for our Lateral Entry Program**


For additional information, please contact:

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    The City of Charlotte is an Equal Opportunity Employer.