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Intermediate Entry Recruiting Program

Intermediate Entry Program The Intermediate Entry Program is the newest Academy track offered by CMPD, joining the traditional Police Trainee program and the Lateral Entry program. The background process is identical to the process for traditional and lateral programs, with the two major differences being the selection criteria and the Academy training.

Selection Criteria: The minimum qualifications for the Police Trainee position also apply to the Intermediate position. In addition, applicants must meet one of the following criteria:
  1. Applicants must currently be completing a North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) course or have completed such a course within the past 12 months.

  2. OR

  3. Applicants possess a North Carolina Law Enforcement Certification and do not meet the requirements of the Lateral Entry program. This includes:
    • Private Police
    • Campus Police
    • ABC/DMV Police
    • Part-Time and Reserve Officers
    • Municipal Officers who do not yet have 2 years of full-time sworn experience

    • *Currently, North Carolina Sheriff Deputies and Detention Officers, are NOT eligible for the Intermediate Entry Program*

Academy: Applicants who are selected and complete the background process will complete 10 weeks of paid training at the Academy. As all applicants in this program must be BLET certified, the Intermediate Academy will focus on additional training beyond BLET in the areas of Firearms, Driving, Response to Resistance, Physical Fitness, and Academics.

Intermediate Entry FAQ
  1. I qualify for the Lateral Entry program and the Intermediate Entry program, which application should I complete?
      - Applicants that meet the criteria for both programs should apply to the Lateral Entry program.

  2. I completed a basic law enforcement training program in another state, but have not worked as a full-time police officer, do I qualify for this program?
      - No. This program only applies to applicants who have completed North Carolina basic law enforcement training or are currently certified as a law enforcement officer in North Carolina.

  3. I meet all the qualifications for the lateral program except the 2 years’ experience requirement. Can I apply for the Intermediate program?
      - If you are a law enforcement officer in NC with only 6 months or a year of experience, you qualify for the Intermediate Entry program and can complete the Intermediate Academy instead of waiting to meet the 2-year requirement of the Lateral program.

The City of Charlotte is an Equal Opportunity Employer.