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​​​​​​CMPD Offers two Internship Sessions with Sworn and Non-sworn Pathways.​

Summer 2019 Session
    Online Application will be accepted from January 1st to February 28th
    Orientation: Friday, May 17th
    Internship: Monday, May 20th – Friday, August 9th

Fall 2019 Session
    Online Application will be accepted from April 1st to May​ 31st
    Orientation: Friday, August 23rd
    Internship: Monday, August 26th – Friday, November​ 15th

Submit your application promptly to be considered!

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) offers an exciting and rewarding non-paid internship program which introduces college students to the opportunities and disciplines within the law enforcement field.

Interns work alongside department personnel in a wide spectrum of assignments throughout the CMPD.  Interns will be exposed to effective problem-solving and partnership-building skills as well as gaining a better understanding of day-to-day operations of the police department. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department offers two internship sessions during the year.  CMPD does not provide housing and transportation.

Two types of college internship program (pathways) will be offered to best accommodate both the student and the CMPD. The first pathway, the Sworn Program, would allow interns that desire to become sworn law enforcement officers the opportunity to work in a CMPD Investigative, Support Services, and/or Field Services Group for duration of the internship.  This will provide interns with an overview of the various work duties and responsibilities of sworn law enforcement personnel.

The second pathway, the Non-Sworn Program, would place interns desiring to focus their internship on one specialized area of law enforcement in a division such as Crime Scene, Animal Care and Control, Crime Analysis, etc. in which most employees are non-sworn personnel. These interns must possess a specific educational background and future career goals that are in line with that of the division of interest. Interns in the Specialized Program would spend the duration of the program at the assigned division learning about the day-to-day activities of the division and working on specific projects provided by the Intern Supervisor.

Before filling out the application for the internship program, candidates should also read the qualifications and expectations listed below:

  • Interns must be under graduate or graduate students currently enrolled in a college or university
  • Interns must be taking a minimum 12 semester hours (Fall and Spring Semesters).
  • Candidates will be required to successfully complete an oral interview and background investigation, drug test, and polygraph exam as part of the qualification process.
  • Meet and maintain the minimum GPA requirement of a 2.0.

  • Have the capability to work varying hours, depending on the need of their respective assignment.
  • Be able to commit at least 20 hours per week for 12 weeks to the program.
  • Arrive on time to all assignments, give appropriate notice to their supervisors when absences are anticipated, and attend all necessary training and meetings.
  • Behave in a professional manner at all times, treating Charlotte-Mecklenburg citizens, employees of the CMPD, and other interns with respect.
  • Perform assigned duties in a timely and efficient manner. If unaware of what duties are to be completed, the intern is expected to obtain clarification from the intern supervisor or the intern coordinator.
  • Attend all necessary training and meetings. 
  • Interns should possess strong research and analytical skills.
  • Interns should possess strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Interns should possess strong organizational skills.
  • Computer skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, and various data bases).
  • Be able to write or transcribe information using proper grammar and syntax.
  • Those selected for an internship must submit to a drug test and polygraph examination. Take part in a minimum of at least five Ride-A-Longs throughout the internship.
  • Dress in a manner that is professional and in accordance with CMPD policies.
  • Prepare and turn in a 5 page paper and complete an oral presentation on the specific assignments/duties they were tasked with during the course of the internship, lessons learned, and if this experience has led to the further pursuit of a career in law enforcement.

Application Process

All candidates must complete the internship application. Candidates selected to move forward in the Intern recruiting process will be asked to mail the following documents after submitting the online application.
  • A letter of interest specifying the following items:
    • Reason for applying
    • Area of interest
    • Overall career goals
    • Tell us about yourself and life experiences
    • Any skill set that you possess
  • A certified copy of your college transcript
  • A letter of recommendation from your Academic Advisor 
  • A current resume

These additional documents should be mailed to:

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
Community Service Bureau

College Internship Program
601 East Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

For further information please contact:
    Fran Cook
    College Internship Supervisor
    704-432-5490 ext. 4​
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department values all its interns and strives to create a work atmosphere that facilitates growth and learning. We value integrity and are committed to enhancing our organization and community through hard work and respect for others.  We are very excited about the Internship Program and look forward to meeting and placing new interns in positions throughout the department.​​​