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​​​​A Crime Scene Investigator plays a critical role in solving the mystery that often surrounds a crime. By bringing life to the silent witness, physical evidence, a Crime Scene Investigator's ability to collect and process evidence can determine not only a suspect, but help successfully prosecute this criminal.

Crime Scene Investigation is not always as it is portrayed on television, but it is a challenging, technical and ever changing career.

Crime Scene searching a car
​Crime Scene Investigator Job Description and Employment Information
Job Description
  • Respond to crime scenes and other significant events as requested for the purpose of locating, identifying, processing and collecting physical evidence found at those scenes.
  • Determine what items, areas and surfaces should be processed, as well as what evidence should be collected for further laboratory analysis.
  • Coordinate and provide crime scene search and processing knowledge at crime scenes.
  • Collect, preserve and package physical evidence found at the various types of scenes for subsequent laboratory analysis and presentation in court.
  • Perform specialized types of crime scene processing and documentation.
  • Document the scene, location and condition of evidence by means of notes, sketches, measurements and photography.
  • Assist Medical Examiner's Office as needed at scenes of major di​​sasters.
  • Assist District Attorney's Office with case preparation

Preferred Education
  • Four year degree in biology, forensic science or criminal justice.

Preferred Experience
  • Crime scene collection, prior experience with medical examiner's office, or police work.

Hiring Process
  • All successful applicants will undergo interviews, a background check, drug testing and a polygraph examination.