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​​​​​CMPD Traffic - Major Crash Investigations Unit/Motorcycle Unit/DWI Task Force

Motorcyle Unit photo​Major Crash Investigation Unit

The mission of the Major Crash Investigations Unit (MCIU) is to solve traffic safety problems through partnerships with our citizens and other agencies. The Major Crash Investigations Unit is comprised of a highly trained, flexible, and proactive team that is committed to the prevention of vehicle collisions, the fair and impartial enforcement of motor vehicle laws, and the education of our citizens regarding traffic safety issues. The Major Crash Investigations Unit investigates all traffic related fatalities and any vehicle collision involving city or county equipment that has resulted in serious injury or extensive property damage. The Major Crash Unit will take a leadership role in raising public awareness to the emotional and economic consequences of traffic safety issues.

DWI Task Force
The DWI Task Force was formed in November of 2013 and comprised of 6 officers and a Sergeant. This is a grant funded unit through the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. The unit’s goal is to decrease DWI related crashes through vigorous traffic enforcement and DWI checking stations. The unit has two Drug Recognition Experts who assist the Major Crash Investigations with fatal crashes involving drug impaired individuals.

Motorcycle Units
The primary function of the Motorcycle Unit is traffic enforcement, where their maneuverability has proven to be an asset. These highly trained officers also provide assistance with dignitary escorts, parades, funerals and other special events.​

​​Unit Composition
Officers assigned to Major Crash Investigations, Motorcycle Unit and the DWI Task Force must complete rigorous traffic enforcement and collision reconstruction curriculums. These officers are then required to maintain these certifications for the duration of their assignment.

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