Our Organization

​​​​​​​​​​​Professional Services / Quality Assurance Division

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has a well-established tradition of serving the community with professionalism and integrity. To maintain that tradition and continue improving the quality of service the department provides to the community, each employee must accept the responsibility for their role in maintaining integrity, quality services, and the highest professional standards. The focus of this division is to assure the department is constantly improving whether it is through add BWC information, CALEA reaccreditation, staff inspections, property control audits, and/or revision of our departmental policies and directives. The Professional Services/Quality Assurance Division demonstrates our commitment to the high standards of excellence when dealing with our employees and the community that we serve.

CALEA, The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies; formed in 1979 to establish a body of standards designed to increase law enforcement agency capabilities to prevent and control crime; improve the delivery of public safety services, primarily by maintaining a body of standards developed by public safety practitioners covering a wide range of up-to-date public safety initiatives, establishing and administering an accreditation process and recognizing professional excellence.

Accreditation / Reaccreditation Process
  • Application
  • Self Assessment
  • On-Site Assessment
  • Commission Review
  • Maintaining Compliance and Reaccreditation

Initial Accreditation
  • On-Site December 2004
  • Accredited March 2005
During our initial accreditation, CALEA assessors indicated how impressed they were with this department, and commending us for our professionalism and willingness to serve the citizens in our community.

  • On-Site December 2007
  • Reaccredited March 2008
  • On-Site January 2011
  • Reaccredited March 2011
  • On-Site November 2013
  • Reaccredited March 2014
  • On-Site November 2016
  • Reaccredited March 2017
  • On-Site November 2020
  • Reaccredited March 2021

Departmental Policies
  • Develop and write departmental policies
  • Revise and update departmental policies
  • Obtain approval for departmental policies
  • Maintain historical records of all directives

Staff Inspections
  • Individual employee inspections
  • Participation on inspection teams

Property Control Audits
  • Obtain current property records / logs
  • Verify property / evidence is correctly stored and logged
  • Visual inspection of property / evidence
  • Conduct unannounced inspections

Body Worn Camera Program
  • Manage the technology and inventory for Body Worn Cameras
  • Conduct random Body Worn Camera video audits monthly
  • Conduct training as it relates to the Body Worn Camera program
  • Handle video disclosure requests for the department
  • Conduct quality assurance reviews on publicly released CMPD videos

Contact Us
​​ Capt. Mike Harris, Division Captain - 704-488-7812​​

Lt. Susan Manassah, Division Lieutenant - 704-249-7553

Sgt. Darren Aldridge, Division Sergeant - 704-351-3227

Sgt. Chris Busic, Accreditation Manager - 704-353-1139

​Ofc.​ Billy Yandle​, Policy & Directives Officer - 704-336-2359

Taylor Sloop, Administrative Officer I​ -​ 704-353-1002​​