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​​​​Court Services Unit - District Attorney's Office

The Court Services Unit-DA is comprised of 1 Sergeant, 9 Detectives and 3 Support Staff. The unit's role is to manage the subpoena process for Superior and Juvenile Court. The unit provides a working partnership with the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office to pursue justice for citizens and prevent the next crime. Listed below are the members of the unit and the teams they are assigned.

Full Time
Sergeant Chris Parnell​​ - Supervisor704-686-0807

Detective Mark Shelton​ - Homicide704-686-0771

​​ ​​
Detective Cedric Bradley (MCSO)​ - Homicide704-686-0780

Detective Mike Grande​ - Violent Crime704-686-0773

Detective Steve Davis​ - Violent Crime704-336-8228

Hire Back
Detective Bill Bostick​ - Special Victims704-686-0717

​Detective Sonja Dickerson - Property Crime704-686-0770

Detective Rita Vinson - Property Crime704-686-0781

Detective Joe Franklin - Habitual Felon, Interstate Compacts704-686-0779

Detective Shawn Williams​ - Domestic Violence704-686-0774

Detective Tammy Hunter​ - Domestic Violence704-686-0720

Support Staff
​ ​​
Jill Weatherholt​ - Juvenile and Drugs704-686-0721

Ashleigh Kemp​ - Misdemeanor Appeals, DMVR​704-686-0783

Lisa Bradley​ - BWC Request, Federal Pros Request704-686-0782​