Lost and found

Stray Pets in the AC&C Shelter​

If you are looking through our shelter for your lost pet:

AC&C picks up and receives stray or lost animals found by members of the community. If an animal comes to the shelter with an identification such as a rabies tag, microchip, or t​attoo, AC&C staff will make every effort to locate the owner. This may take several days.

  • If you are looking for your lost pet the links below will show every animal that is currently in our shelter in their 72 hour stray hold period and adoption.

    *Please be sure to look at every picture on each page.  If you would like additional information on each animal make sure to click the photo to see when the animal arrived at the shelter.*

    ​​link to stray dogs at acc
    link to stray dogs at acc
    link to other pets at acc

  • If you believe that you have found your pet (even an animal that might *look* like your pet), we strongly suggest that you come to the shelter to see that animal in person at 8315 Byrum Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28217. Please do not call 311 or ask staff to look at that pet for you; you know your pet better than any staff or volunteer at the shelter. Be sure to read over our reclaim instructions ​before coming just in case you ID that animal as yours.

  • Due to space restrictions, AC&C holds animals for three days only and cannot guarantee that a staff member will be able to read and respond to your email within this 72-hour timeframe.​​ Come to the shelter ASAP if you find a pet that you recognize. It's​ recommended that you look online daily and personally visit the shelter every 3 days.

  • If you have looked through the list of animals that we have at the facility and you did NOT find your animal, be sure to go to the Lost Pets in the Community page to file a new report and review the existing reports ​for found pets that are being housed in the community​​ as well as our AC&C Facebook Found Pets ​album.

  • The towns of Cornelius and Matthews  have their own Animal Control shelters. If you live in one of these towns, you should also contact them about your lost pet​. You should also investigate the surrounding county animal control organizations​ as animals do travel from one county to another (especially if they are at the county lines).​​​​​