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This page is for AC&C Rescue Partners only. Only some of the animals listed on these pages are available for rescues and general adoption but most are for rescues only.​ If you are NOT a rescue partner and you want to see the animals available for adoption, visit our Adopt-A-Pet page. Any AC&C rescue partner that is already approved/signed up with our facility can come to the shelter and  pull any animal(s) they see listed here or in open adoption any time during normal business hours. The animals listed here are ones in need of rescue group assistance due to behavior, age, medical, length of stay, etc.​ and are only available to our rescue group partners at this time.

If your rescue group is not an approved CMPD AC&C Rescue Partner scroll down to find out more details on how to become our partner in saving animals lives. Once approved, you'll be added to our Rescue Group List.​ You'll also be eligible to join our Rescue Group page on Facebook. You must be an approved animal transfer agent on behalf of your rescue before you will be added to the group page. In your personal Facebook page search for AC&C Rescue Partners and click the join button. Note that there will be questions to answer in regards to adding you to the group. If you are not an approved transfer agent or you do not answer the questions, your request will be deleted.



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What are the benefits of being an approved rescue group?

As an approved rescue partner, your group will be extended special benefits and access to various financial grants that will assist you with rescue costs.


These currently include:

  • ​Waived adoption fees

  • Free vaccinations, deworming, and heartworm/feline leukemia/fiv tests

  • Only spay/neuter and microchipping fees may be applicable with each pull


Dear rescue group applicant,

AC&C Rescue Group Program provides additional options for the transfer of animals from our shelter facility.  We will work jointly with any approved rescue group to assist in providing good homes to as many animals as possible, with the goal of increasing the live release rate and decreasing euthanasia.  The success of the program depends on the support of groups like you, so please read and complete the following information so that we can begin working with your organization right away.

We thank you for your interest and commitment to improving the lives of animals in our community!

The Staff & Volunteers of Animal Care & Control


If you would like to become a certified rescue group and be listed on as well as in our list below, please look over the Rescue Group Agreement:​

Rescue Group Agreement 

For the purpose of this document, below are acronym definitions:
AC&C - Animal Care & Control
IP – Interested Party​

The following stipulations and guidelines are set forth and agreed upon by the undersigned rescue group and the AC&C.

  1. AC&C agrees to designate a representative who will act as the liaison for the rescue group's representatives should an animal meeting the rescue group's standard come in to the shelter.  The AC&C employee will place the rescue group's name on an Interested Party (IP) memo on the animal record at the rescue group's request (by phone or email).

  2.  AC&C agrees to provide to the rescue group any information regarding the animal's health and temperament given to the AC&C by the previous owner, determined by the AC&C staff or by temperament testing.

  3. The rescue group agrees to contact AC&C within 48 hours after a rescue plea.  If there is no response within 48 hours, AC&C will assume that the rescue group is not able to take the animal.

  4. AC&C will make every effort to work with the rescue group if they need time to make arrangements to find a foster home for the animal.  However, the rescue group understands that AC&C may not be able to hold an animal should space, the animal's health or any other issue take precedence.  AC&C retains the sole authority to determine the availability of any animal.

  5. The rescue group will provide to AC&C a copy of its' organizational mission statement, Federal 501C3 non-profit documentation from the U.S. Department of Treasury, adoption standards and contracts, spay/neuter policies as well as a list of designated representatives.

  6. The rescue group will pay standard rescue fees including but not limited to microchipping fees and spay/neuter fees.  These fees are subject to change.

  7. The rescue group agrees to have any animal adopted from AC&C spayed or neutered.  If the rescue group chooses to do so, they may utilize the Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic by paying the standard fee.  Otherwise, the rescue group will be required to provide written verification from a veterinarian after surgery is performed.

  8. If the rescue group's operations are based in Mecklenburg County, AC&C will not require them to purchase a license for the animal adopted from AC&C provided the animal is considered a temporary placement animal that will be on site for 6 months or less.  Animals in the possession of an approved rescue group will retain rescue state for a period of 6 months.  After the 6 month period, the rescue group will be required to purchase a license for that animal.

  9. The Rescue Group agrees to inform adopters in Mecklenburg County about the license requirements.

  10. If the rescue group adopts an animal with a medical problem, the rescue group agrees to seek veterinary treatment for the animal.

  11. The rescue group will allow AC&C to make a site visit to their residence or facility if they are located in Mecklenburg County.  If not located in Mecklenburg County, the rescue group acknowledges that AC&C may contact agencies/individuals in the jurisdiction to gather any information known about the rescue group.

  12. Only pre-designated rescue group members will be authorized to pull animals from AC&C.

  13. In the event that an animal is chosen for rescue by more than one rescue group, a computerized lottery system will be used to determine who receives the animal.  The computerized lottery drawing will be held at 12pm on the date the animal is available for rescue.  A representative from the rescue group must be present in person at AC&C for the computerized drawing.

  14. In the event that an animal is chosen for rescue by a rescue group and adoption by a private citizen, the rescue group WILL yield to the private citizen.

  15. An AC&C employee and a representative of the rescue group must approve this agreement.

  16. AC&C retains the authority to deny an adoption to any rescue group at any time.

  17. This agreement may be reviewed and/or revised periodically.

  18. Either party may, without cause, terminate this agreement at any time.

  19. The rescue group acknowledges that their information may be shared with other city entities to ensure the rescue group's compliance with all city codes.  All rescue groups must operate within the limits of city code at all times.


By filling out the below online form the representative hereby agree upon these terms and conditions.

***​Please note that the representative who fills out this form will be required to print out the Rescue Group Agreement and the Code of Conduct forms, sign them, and return to the shelter.

AC&C also requires the following information:

  • Your organization's Federal 501c3 non-profit paperwork

  • Your organization's mission statement

  • Your organization's adoption requirements and contract

  • Any other pertinent information which may help AC&C understand your organization's procedures.

 You can send the signed Rescue Group Agreement, the signed Code of Conduct form, and the required information listed above via email at or mail to: 

Attention:  Rescue Group Coordinator

Animal Care & Control

8315 Byrum Drive

Charlotte, NC  28217


Rescue Pull Terms effective January 1, 2018

Policy Summary: Provides the guidelines and parameters of the department's rescue partner program.

Purpose: To describe rescue conduct, care of rescue animals, department and rescue responsibilities and when and why rescues should be pulled

Desired outcome: To successfully transfer animals that do not have a clear avenue for a live release

Responsible Party: Rescue and Command team

Details: Ultimately, the ideal final disposition of animals transferred to a rescue partner is permanent placement via adoption. The objective of the AC&C rescue program is to allow rescue partners to provide care and shelter while seeking adopters for the animals they pull. Some restrictions are

  • Healthy adoptable animals would have to spend 72 hours on the adoption floor as "available" to allow the public time to view/adopt  them
  • Rescues can only pull after 12pm allowing the public 1 hour after we open to adopt
  • Interested parties will always have preference over rescues even with VIP pulls

All rescues will get the following incentives:

  • For every 3 pulls identified as "needing rescue" the rescue will get a single exemption from the 72 hour wait, but not the after 12pm pull time.
  • A "needing rescue" pull would be at no cost, but the adoptable animal pulled using the 72 hour exemption will require the  spay/neuter fee to be paid by the rescue.

    Definition of rescue pull:
  • A "rescue" pull would be considered to be an animal not appropriate for our adoption floor. This determination will be made based on behavior, age, medical condition or otherwise specified by management
  • "Rescue only" or "Prefer Rescue" will only be added to the animals account by the behavior team, the veterinary team or a member of the leadership team.

Transport Policy: AC&C does not transport for rescue groups unless approved by shelter management

Policy Guidelines for rescue groups and situations concerning rescue groups

AC&C Will:

  • Retain all rights and ownership of the animal until after transfer of ownership is completed.
  • Have the authority to approve or deny any rescue application. This includes the revocation of an already approved group's status.
  • Dispense medication only if approved by the veterinarian
  • Have the authority to make exceptions to this policy depending on inventory
  • Require all pulled animals to be altered before they leave unless approved by a supervisor

Perform a full physical exam on all animals being pulled by rescue groups within 4 hours of selection unless one has already been complete. 

If you agree to the terms above, continue to the application page.

If you have any questions you can contact our liaison by email,