​​It is always exciting to bring home a new pet, especially one that has just been adopted from a rescue agency, shelter, or adoption center. New pets need to have the​ rules established as quickly as possible. Everything f​rom house breaking, crate training, and nuisance behavior could come up while they adjust and settle in to their new home. The good news? These can all be easily addressed with training and patience.

We've set up three different sections to help you navigate to the area you need the most assistance.​​

Training Tips: from potty training and nuisance behaviors to challenging behaviors and looking for a local trainer.

Adopter Resources: Multi dog and species homes, safety tips, children and pets, cat resources and more.

Other info: Social media resources and FAQ's about pets in shelters.​ We get a lot of questions about how our shelter pets get along with kids, other dogs, other cats, and so much more. In this section we have articles that talk about why we can't answer these questions and what the best practices​ are for you to find your newest family member.​

By scrolling down the page, you'll find some more helpful YouTube videos posted by Maddies Fund to help with some of the most common problems and questions pet owners have; especially went adopting their very first pet.

In this list, you will find websites to certain behaviors that have been accredited by our staff dog trainers​. With these tips you can easily adjust your pet'​s behavior. If you've just adopted a new pet and you want to make sure that the transition from shelter to home is easy and stress-free.


Debunking Dominance

Debunking the "Alpha Dog" Theory By Behavior Expert Pat Miller


Breed Mislabels

DNA studies reveal that shelter workers often mislabel dogs as 'pit bulls'

Time to Stop Playing the Breed ID Game

No, "Pit Bull" Dogs Don't Lock Their Jaws, and Other Myth-Busting Facts


Nuisance Behaviors including potty training/crate training ​ - other great pet owner articles and resources



Challenging Behaviors

Funny Tips for Setting Boundaries with Your New Dog From the Onion

Common Dog Behavior: Aggression


How to manage your dog's mounting


Separation Anxiety – Will a Second Dog Help?

Crowd Sourcing Alone-Time Alternatives

Dig This: How to Get Your Dog to Stop Digging

Resource Guarding

Resource Guarding: Treatment and Prevention

Resource Guarding – How to Teach Your Dog to Share


Dog Training Resources for Guardians

Beginner Fundamentals: Why Can't I Just Use My Voice?

Beginner Fundamentals: The Eight Ways of Changing Behavior

Confidence Building for Dogs by Behavior Expert Pat Miller

Interactive Social Media Resources

Pet Professional Guild – force-free organization for professional animal trainers

Positively – network of positive, force-free trainers

Bad Rap – bully breed advocacy group

Patricia McConnell – behavior expert

Chirag Patel – behavior expert

Your Dog's Friend – humane education for dog guardians

Karen Pryor Clicker Training – positive training resource

Cold Nose College – training school

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

The Animal Scientist – dog trainer

Canine PhD Training and Behavior Consulting – dog trainer

Reisner Veterinary Behavior Services, LLC 


FAQ's asked by potential adopters about animals in shelters

"Is Fido Good With Cats?" – Alternatives to Dog-Cat Intros

Cats – A Touch May Make All the Difference​​​

Why Not to Do Dog Intros - ASPCA

Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants

Poisonous Household Products

Dog Park Safety Tips

Pet Friendly Gardens