Pet services

Give up a pet = Owner Surrender

For the past 15 months, AC&C has sent out numerous pleas for adoptions and fosters and breaking news about the kennels being over-capacity while the staff is tasked with making debilitating euthanasia decisions due to the overabundance of stray and owner-surrendered dogs coming into the shelter from the Charlotte Community. 

Due to this massive lack of space issue and capacity for care, as of December 20, 2022, AC&C is suspending accepting owner-surrender dogs.

This means we have no room for dogs to be owner-surrendered, which is why we are currently halting all owner-surrenders for dogs.  In the future, we will be basing owner surrender requests on available kennel space, which at the rate the increase in dog intake is climbing we won’t have space for surrenders for the foreseeable future.  We will not be booking any future appointments at this time.

How can I help combat this situation?

Owner Support: