Pet services

​Animal Traps

AC&C will provide traps for wild animals that are injured, diseased, or harmful to public safety only.​

In order for an Officer to respond to Wildlife Removal from a trap, the trap must belong to AC&C. Wildlife that is caught in any trap that does not belong to AC&C must be serviced by the citizen or a private agency. AC&C will continue to respond to domestic animals (dogs & cats) caught in traps that have been set by an AC&C Officer or purchased by the citizen.

AC&C will not provide traps for, or impound, nuisance wildlife. For nuisance wildlife in attics, basements, crawlspaces or yards the citizen must hire a private Wildlife Damage Control Agent or trap and euthanize the animal themselves in accordance with NC Trapping Regulations. Wildlife Damage Control Agents, Licensed Trappers and season regulations are available at: NC Wildlife Trapping

If an AC&C Officer has provided a trap to a citizen due to a proven nuisance issue with domestic animals in the field, AC&C will remove domestic animals caught in our traps; however, per NC State Law, wildlife that is caught in a trap and is not injured or sick will be released at the location. AC&C is not responsible for placing food in traps.

If a citizen has cats roaming in their yard, note that there is no leash law on cats thus AC&C will not provide traps for them. Please consider Trap Neuter Return in lieu of trapping and bringing to AC&C. TNR is a much better way of getting rid of nuisance problems and it saves lives. Go to our Community Cats webpage​ to learn more.​