Animal FAQs

​Head over to the Found Pets in the Community page to find out what you can do to help get them home.​

Head over to the Pets for Adoption page to find all sorts of pets waiting for new homes.

When an animal reaches our adoption kennels they stay there. We do not put a due out date on any of our adoptable animals. If they need time out of their kennels for kennel stress, or they are sick with kennel cough (dogs) or upper respiratory infection (cats) then we put a call out to our partner rescues as well as our foster parents or we place them in our sick kennels, treat them, and when they are well again we put them back out to adoption.
We also put a call out to rescues if we have animals that have specific medical or behavioral needs. If a companion animal has Heartworms or some other form of medical issue that is treatable, we will ask rescue to take them but we will also place them in adoption with hopes of finding an owner willing to treat them at home.
If an animal is removed from adoption it is because a serious, unfixable behavioral or medical issue has emerged.

If you need to capture a stray cat the safest way to confine it is to trap it. DO NOT try to capture it with your hands! This could cause a bite or scratch where diseases could be spread, along with the danger of possible rabies. You can learn more about our trapping process on our Traps page.